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Meeting Jesus face to face

Don Merritt wrote a wonderful post yesterday – the summing up by Paul in his letter to the Romans: Romans a summation

In that post Don wrote these words: … 446 more words

PRI Luganville, Vanuatu Set Up Stage 1


Tom and I arrived in Port Vila Sunday afternoon and went to our accommodation. We settled in and got prepared for the next day. On Monday morning we went to the Financial Services Commission in Vanuatu to register our Charitable Organisation, the Permaculture Research Institute Luganville for Incorporation. 1,499 more words


Bout that life...except on holidays

I have been living that low carb life and I’m actually enjoying it so far. I’m not going no carb, just low carb. I had originally started couch to 5k but that has been on hold with a slight knee injury. 279 more words

Life Change

Why The Walker Power Hour Is Essential For Enjoyable Worklife and Personal Wellbeing

This short video was made for the Back on Track 30 Day Challenge which is designed to achieve two things:

1. help participants heal up the past, find their track and get back on it and stay on track. 63 more words

Life Change

Hello, London

We arrive at Heathrow at midday on a sweltering late-June Friday. We emerge sweaty and exhausted from the brutal half-hour Customs queue and spy Hapless waving bashfully from the crowd at the Arrivals barrier. 1,561 more words

Time-lapse sequence

The Free-Range Writer furiously hammers out the last third of her 103,000-word first novel draft, hands it in half an hour before the final deadline, necks a pint at the Old Government House faculty bar, collapses into exhausted sleep on beanbag on her own back deck. 133 more words

HUGE Life-changing News!

As many of you know, I live in Casper, WY while my photographer lives in Minneapolis, MN. This has led to a faithful bi-annual trek across the country in order for us to have the photo shoots needed to get our patterns and projects into your hands. 150 more words

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