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Spring Cleaning Week 5

So this week I challenged myself to give up grains except in small amounts on exception days. As I explained in my review of the book… 337 more words

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Book Review: Wheat Belly

So to continue on with my New Year’s resolution, (yes, I’m sticking to it,) I listened to the audiobook Wheat Belly by William Davis.

I chose this book because I know that wheat has a negative impact on my own waist line and energy level. 794 more words

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There are times that we as Beachbody Coaches are asked our “Why” every time we are asked, my why seems to change on me. One thing that doesn’t change is how strong my desire is to make it to where I want to be.  429 more words


Spring Cleaning Week 4

This week’s challenge was water and herbal tea only.

This was not a very difficult one. I mostly drink water and herbal tea anyway. I avoid all caffeine because of my migraines and water is about the only way I can stay hydrated in my dry school. 57 more words

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Art Assignment 22: Encounters

Dear Danielle and Julie,

Let me introduce you to each other.

Julie is an important member of my London family. She and I have been friends since I moved to London and she was in teacher’s college at UWO. 315 more words

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Consistency or Failure

Wow! We cannot believe we are actually back in Vancouver! We are so happy to be exactly where we want to be and doing what we have been training to do.. 764 more words