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Imagine me at six years old, sitting at my desk with my fingers in my ears. The students chatter around me as I immerse myself in a story-book. 212 more words

Life By Design

On Reducing Stress

I once saw a fellow teacher write on a Post-It “Reduce stress by giving less of a fuck.” It’s actually not bad advice. You can word it any way you like, but we should all work to reduce our stress in some way. 388 more words

Life By Design

Art Assignment 29 Make a Thing

For those of you who haven’t experienced this adorable meme, click below and enjoy.

In fact, I have some experience being a Nyan Cat.

My students loved this costume but that was a previous art project so I wanted to do something new for this art assignment. 211 more words

Life By Design

I hate not going to the gym.

Going to the gym is not always my favourite thing to do. However, I hate not going to the gym a lot more than I hate going. 312 more words

Life By Design

Vision it

I finally got around to making a vision board! I started it with some friends earlier in the week and completed it today. I simply went with my gut (after all, much of our serotonin – the hormone that makes us happy – resides in our gut. 39 more words


Cat Grass!

I have been in a hurry to see Summer arrive. In an effort to make it seem a bit more Summer-ish, I decided to try growing some cat grass from seeds for my kitties. 238 more words

Life By Design

Why Blog?

There are only a few things that I have always been… a daughter, an animal lover, a self-proclaimed fashionista, and a writer.

I think I started writing… 1,050 more words