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How to be a perfectly imperfect

How to be perfectly imperfect? Oh well. Nowadays people want to be perfect but you know. Nobody’s perfect at all. We want  stuff as good as we desire but it will not be permanently good as we like. 176 more words

Joyeux Anniversaire en Paris or: Towering Above the City of Light


Today is the 126th anniversary of the opening of Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower.  The BCPF and I have been to Paris twice and we both consider it one of our absolute favorite cities, if not… 359 more words

Life As We Know It

Splurge away...

Today I had my first Mani-Pedi in like 7 months. I thought that Spring shouldn’t have to see my cracked and dry heels any longer; plus my 4 year old son blurted out a few nights ago: “Mommy your feet are scratchy”. 317 more words


Yell down

This morning, Daniel woke up yelling my name. Sweet as that sounds, I don’t like it so much. He’s a professional yeller. He learned that long before we met him. 268 more words

Life As We Know It

The gift of a child's love

More precious than diamonds my children are.
More beautiful than sunsets and roses and rainbows over mountains.

As unique as the finger prints that smear every surface they touch, thus blessing it. 94 more words

Life As We Know It

God lies in details...

You can be good at many things but you can be best at only one thing. Don’t know who said that but it proves itself true every time one finds oneself in a situation like this. 330 more words

Life As We Know It...

Big News About a Little One

The blog has gone silent.

Homeschool has been pared down to just the essentials. (A good thing to do, periodically, right?)

I went a whole week eating mainly smoked apple & sage vegan sausage with mustard. 260 more words

Life As We Know It