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Cut, Paste, Edit or: I Think I'm Turning Legalese


Whew! My eyes are cross-eyed, now. I just spent the better part of two hours retyping only select pages of a rental agreement for ma père and ma mère in conjunction as a piece of property that they own (they own several pieces).  487 more words

Life As We Know It

Making Memory Work Fun (with printables)

In my experience, kids love memorizing things. It’s fallen out of fashion in most schools, but learning rhymes, songs, lists, odd facts, etc. naturally appeals to all of my kids (so far). 322 more words

Life As We Know It

Love That brought me to life

Some people wait their whole lives to find real love, I had the privilege of it finding me.

I had no clue about love and how it works but it somehow knew we would be part of each others lives pretty soon. 583 more words

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Silent Sunday or: Wedded Bliss


Yesterday, The BCPF and I helped celebrate two good friends as we witnessed them get married in the tiny, but beautifully quaint Mt. Pleasant church in Tanglewood Park in Clemmons followed by the reception at the park’s clubhouse ballroom next door. 307 more words

Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It; Final Episode

Once they returned to San Francisco they resumed work immediately. Jules was already back in school, and now in her final class. She would come around on weekends to be with them and spend time with Sarah. 1,460 more words


U is for~ atozchallenge #MFRWAuthor #unrestricted


is for~

It’s been three years since I sold my first book. It’s been three and a half years that my fil has been living with us. 354 more words

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Hit the Showers or: A Royal Pain in the Pocketbook


Is it just me or are the Kansas City Royals (always the underdogs and always a team that I at least root for) falling apart? 952 more words

Life As We Know It