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Birthday Season is coming to our house

The Bristol Birthday Season used to start with my birthday in February. We had a birthday every 1-2 weeks through the middle of April. But my father-in-law, who had a February birthday, died, so there is a gap that lasts from February 2nd to March 1st. 554 more words

Life As A Writer

The Love of Writing

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I love writing!

I do…

But, that isn’t what keeps me going everyday. It is the heartbeat of writing that keeps me going. 211 more words

Christian YA Author

Motor Pool Parent

You’ve heard of the “helicopter parent” who hovers over the child even into college and adulthood; the parent who just can’t let go and allow the offspring to figure things out for himself. 856 more words

Life As A Writer

Writing Process – A dedicated space of her own

Writing Process – A dedicated space of her own

A reply to James and his process – he goes about it completely differently

When I cranked out my first story it was done on a white plastic table smooshed into the corner of reclaimed attic space. 972 more words

Writing Process

What Lauren Oliver Learned While Writing a Novel

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview New York Times-bestselling author Lauren Oliver on her experiences as an editor, a writer, and the founder of literary incubator… 1,003 more words


Microblog Monday: Bookin' it

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing: short stories, blog posts, letters, mini “books”, journals. One of the items on my “life list” is to write a book. 219 more words

Single Mom

How to Know You Married into the Right Family

At the start of the season, there was a special on PBS after Downton Abbey called The Manners of Downton Abbey. For those of us borderline obsessed with the show and hungry—after nine months—for as much of the Grantham/Crawley/everyone else world as we can get, it was magical. 246 more words