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There she goes ! Bye bye 2014.

I refer to 2014 as “She”. Because 2014 for me, was indeed like a woman, Full of surprises. Began with a high, ended with a high, with lows in between of course. 522 more words

Life Around

2014's Kaleidoscope

Woot woot!

Hari ini hari terakhir di tahun 2014. Udah lama banget ga nulis disini yaa. Pdhal bnyk bgtt yg pengen dishare, tapi soooon pasti akan dibeberkan smua disini hehe. 1,074 more words



He look at his youth brother and smiled at him, was crying as having many guests came to his village, where the famous film “The Pao Story” has been shoot. 63 more words

Life Around

Let be positive and think forward to future

I meet the children in Ha Giang free trip in my vacation last year, end of 2012. It’s hard to say what I feel but that smiles made me think a lot. 105 more words

Life Compass

no need to overthink

It’s almost nearing the end of the year but I decided to create a blog. Why? Because I need a hobby. Basically, something I can do to make me fall asleep. 57 more words


It's 2 Months TO GO!

Yep. Counting months, counting weeks, counting days!

Here’s our prewed photo sneak peek! Ini candid sih. Secara muke gue ga keliatan haha. Yang akan dipajang nanti, yaa you will see on our big day hihi.. 140 more words


What have been Checklisted...

End of September!!

Hmmm kerasanya masih lama sampe Januari. Walopun mostly orang bilang “Ga kerasa pasti sampe Januari, diinn” Mereka bilang gitu mungkin karena mereka gatau rasanya gue melewati hari-hari menuju kesana haha jadi rasanya lamaaaaa~ 614 more words