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How to Edit Microsoft Office Docs with Dropbox

Available for both the Android and iOS versions of Dropbox, the integration between Office and Dropbox apps taps into the partnership announced in November of this year between the two companies. 404 more words


3 Awesome Password Managers

In today’s world, our security is constantly threatened so using the same password for all of your accounts isn’t going to cut it anymore. Grab one of these three apps to manage your passwords across all of your devices and accounts and secure your digital life. 468 more words


How to Schedule Posts with Postfity

If you’re a busy blogger or social media account manager who needs help scheduling posts, Postfity is a free, easy-to-use web service that can help you stay on top of all your social media. 509 more words


Best Black Friday Money Management Apps

The biggest shopping day of the entire year is a little less than 48 hours away so ITPROPORTAL took the time to put together a guide filled with some of the best money management apps for the holiday shopping season. 101 more words


How to Defragment Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting your computer is basic maintenance everyone should know how to perform. Fragmentation is the process that makes the hard disk carry out extra work that might bog your computer down. 200 more words


How to Beat Facebook at Their Own Messaging Game

Not a lot of people were happy when Facebook launched their new messenger app, forcing users to download the standalone app for messenger chats. If we’re anything alike, you’re reaction probably went something like this: 240 more words


How to Network in a New Town

Picture this: You just landed the job of your dreams in a new and exciting town waiting to welcome you with open arms. The only drawback to taking this leap is leaving the reliable network you’d established in your old work environment back “home”. 285 more words