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Born and Raised in South Detroit

This afternoon, I had the privilege of listening to approximately 500 high school students from 40 high schools spontaneously belt out the lyrics to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, and it brought tears to my eyes. 405 more words

Life And Times

Shoot it Simon!

My basketball career was short lived, and had very few stats.  It lasted for one shinning season with the YMCA while I was in third grade. 459 more words


On Mum and Dad

When I was eight, my late Dad told me that he would never feed me anything that he wouldn’t eat himself. I remember feeling special, loved. 489 more words

Life And Times

A Last Note Concerning Dating... and other stuffs

I’ve posted a lot about dating in the past month, so if you’re as sick of the topic as I am you’ll appreciate this last note. 258 more words

Life And Times

Saturday Night

Saturday night is usually a fun time in the city. People get dressed up and go to bars and hang out with friends. It’s a good time. 643 more words

Life And Times

The Note

On Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 I wrote a suicide note. This is what it said:

Dear reader, 

My friends, my family, and anyone else, thank you. 483 more words

Life And Times

Part of Growing Up

Earlier this year I set-up the details for my new apartment, filed my taxes, bought my own phone and filed for my student aid all on my own. 184 more words

Life And Times