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भीगी यादें...

कल शाम एक थी भीगी सी

था धुंआ धुंआ सा आँखों में

मैं सपने बुनने बैठी थी

और फिसल गिरी कुछ यादों में…

कुछ यादें  भुनते भुट्टों की



I never thought it would hit me like it did.

I walked into the gym so my mom could show me what had changed since the last time she showed me, several years ago. 1,277 more words

Life And Times...

Changing Times & The Normalcy Bias

A common human trait is a desire for the status quo, but time passes and things change against the back drop of the Normalcy Bias. … 384 more words

Life And Times


Summer is always the best season as a kid. No school, family vacations, afternoons spent in the neighbor’s pool, and treats from the ice cream truck. 325 more words

Life And Times

Gentle Reminders

I live in Toronto. It’s a really big city.

I grew up for the most part, in a very rich part of Toronto, filled with rich, conservative, white people. 365 more words

Life And Times

A Long Day Without You, My Friends

I’m sure none of you are strangers to the news of what happened last week in Charleston, SC.

What you may not know, I’m honestly not sure if I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, is that I’m from South Carolina. 829 more words

Life And Times