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Nine lifestyle and fashion trends that make me feel out-of-step

I must be getting old…

I’m taking a risk here, as I’m pretty sure there will be a few readers standing-by to take issue with me. 1,480 more words


Things that make me happy

Hey everyone! So, today I dug up this post from my drafts, and as I was in such a good mood (I mean, the weather has been amazing!) I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I love and makes me happy with you! 191 more words


of life's support system

As a youngest of 5 in my family, I have always been THE ultimate spoiled brat. I guess it’s a perfectly fitting and common personality trait for youngest kid, and especially for me because I am 6 years apart even from the sibling before me. 571 more words


Spring Is Sprung

In the becoming-more-usual way, it has sprung with dizzying speed. This time last week, significant amounts of snirt were still visible in shaded corners and we had an actual snow fall. 186 more words


hello Baby O!

So… I have been quiet for few days… Not that anyone will notice since this blog is basically me talking to myself haha #sad. I was pretty jam-packed this whole week because my life has been graced with an early bird surprise. 488 more words


Art of the Tattoo

This post is about art. There are some who’ll believe this isn’t the case, but tattoos just have a different canvass, is all. I’ve heard all the arguments against putting ink into your skin: it’s stupid, a desecration, it labels you, is the latest fashion statement, you’ll regret it… I could go on but I don’t want to. 828 more words


Wales + Cute house accents 

As you might know, I went by train to Wales for about three days with dozens of family (and dogs!) We stayed on a big, cozy house close by to the sea. 246 more words