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This is part of a series of memories I’m recording. There’s no pattern or purpose, but it’s my blog so here they are.

One day when I was four or five I was at some sort of party. 215 more words

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We're all Dead End Streets

So you’re driving along a beautiful island on the Atlantic seaboard when you see a street sign with your name on it. “How serendipitous,” you think. 194 more words

Life And Stuff

A Great Quote From The Great Gatsby And A Chat About Friendship

Recently I was listening to one of my friends vent about some boundary issues she had been having with a friend. This is something that we all, I think, struggle with. 1,016 more words

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Problems all glasses - wearers face

Although I also have contacts, I have had glasses since I was seven years old. I know this post won’t apply to many of you, and I do realize that have terrible eyesight compared to some people, but I thought  it would be fun anyway to share some of the problems that I have to face in relation to my glasses, as well as some of the things (which are, for the most part, annoying) that people say to me. 320 more words

Life And Stuff

How To Have The Best Night Ever, It's Pleasure Thyme Style

I would like to begin this blog post with a preemptive clarification. I am by no means antisocial. I love my friends and family. I really do. 800 more words

Life And Stuff

Tell Them Yes.


I just typed a pretty negative post full of rant but I decided not to post it (and I erased all of it), so I’m hoping that this one will strike a motivation or two! 906 more words


Shine Bright Like A Diamond

First thing’s first, I’m the realest sorry that I feel such a frequent need to speak/write/stream-of-consciousness in song lyrics. It just happens. Hence most of my (few and far between) blog titles also being lyrics. 616 more words