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Current music favourites

Hey everyone! This month I decided to share some of my favourite music at the moment, instead of my usual monthly favourites- for some reason I just have only a few beauty/lifestyle favourites right now. 316 more words

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Dealing with sad

I played around with the idea of starting another blog, where I would post all my rants and vents and grumbles, but then I decided against it. 487 more words


Don't Be A Dick

Let me say that again: don’t be a dick. Four simple words with an equally simple message, but it seems there are those in the writerly community having a really hard difficult time not being dicks – some on a truly epic scale. 714 more words


Just for laughs

dog: Everyone in our area is doing it! I have to do it. I have to do it

me: Do what?

dog: Everyone is barking. 16 more words

Life And Stuff

An Update

Happy Tuesday everyone! I just have a quick update for you guys. As it is the summer, and as I have what seems to be an infinite amount of time (curse you, jobless economy!), and because I’m still not entirely happy with some of the layout/design of this site, I’m hoping to make some updates soon, as well as replace some of my older recipes’ photos with newer, nicer versions of them. 122 more words

Life And Stuff


I love watching cooking channels on YouTube, and occasionally, I do try their recipes out! One weekend, I had a hungering for some lasagna, and when it comes to non-Asian food, I usually use Food Wishes as a guide. 236 more words

Life And Stuff

10 things that quite irrationally jerk my chain – about going into London

I made one of my rare trips into Central London this weekend, to meet a friend for lunch at Leicester Square. It was fun meeting up, but trips into Central London freak me out a bit these days. 697 more words