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DayBreaks for 3/27/15 - What Troubles God

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DayBreaks for 3/27/15: What Troubles God

My favorite Bible story growing up would change from time to time.  Daniel in the lion’s den, the story of Joseph, even Job and his troubles were from time to time my favorite story.  562 more words

New Testament

Is There Anybody Out There?

“I see.” Replied the Apprentice, he was unnerved.

“No, I don’t think you do see! I’m not dead yet! Get me…to…the…hospital!” croaked the Dying Man. 385 more words

Creative Writing

Waiting to Awaken

I’m done writing about myself for a while. Blogs are supposed to be personal, I know, but there is such a thing as an overuse of the word “I”. 328 more words


An Open Letter to Lent

Disclaimers: 1.This is NOT an open letter to Jesus. Let’s just get that straight up front. The letter is to Lent, the 40 day period we are in right now in the church. 544 more words


Why I will be "backing Mike Baird" at the NSW state election

I will be “backing Mike Baird” at the NSW state election.

Mike Baird is a qualified candidate. He has a Degree in Economics from the University of Sydney. 900 more words



Today’s  music  theme  was picked  by  Maddie and she  has  chosen Death  and Rebirth.

Lets  start  with Shakespeare’s Sister  : The  video  shows  the  fight  between  life  and death….. 984 more words

Douglas Swanson

When I read that a grown man/married had a curfew to be home by 2am, I’ve got a pretty good idea that we’re going to get a person whom has no concept of boundaries and time. 1,038 more words

Losts And Founds