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My beautiful, extraordinary little girl would be 18 today. It’s nearly 13 years since she left, and the family she knew has changed. This morning we all got ready for our days without a mention of Juliette. 313 more words


The Battle

Everyday is a battle. I wake up and have to put my game face on. I have to make sure I have my shit together and my emotions controlled. 636 more words


Here's What I've Realized ......


…… in the past two days.
Everybody …… absolutely every single person on this earth …… needs to know that they have been missed. 849 more words


I went to the Nickelback concert earlier this week expecting some good music and a great show. And it was both of those for sure. But what I didn’t expect was to hear the first two lines of the first song and not be able to hold back the tears. 356 more words

The Family Section

When OK is not OK

It’s a mask you know, one that I put on when I get to the checkout to pay for the shopping, when I go into the office, when I slip out of bed in the morning, that is,¬†when I can bring myself to even get out of bed. 1,070 more words

So, You Know ......

…… what it’s like when you have small children who get sick and run a fever? You call the doctor’s office and get an appointment for the next day, or for that afternoon if you happen to hit winning jackpots. 534 more words

My Utmost ......

…… and sincerest apologies.
I seem to be the worst blog writer ever.
And I can’t even tell you why.

Well, I mean, I could say that I’ve been busy …… but that’s not a great excuse. 532 more words