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but, why?

But why is the sun visiting Australia now?

But why is it time for the sun to go to Australia?

But why does time keep passing?

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Thank you, friend

The day Ashton was born a friend e-mailed me congratulating me on our new addition. She continued on saying that “You will always miss Wyatt but Ashton will fill that hole in your heart”  I was exhausted after not sleeping in over 24 hours and being in active labor for 11 and just accepted her well wishes and thanked her. 325 more words

A Quick Visit from the Grief Monster

I’m having a Grief Attack.  Right now.  I haven’t had one in a really, really long time, so  I thought I’d try something I’ve never tried before to see if that will hasten the length of time that the attack sticks around…take fingers to keyboard and write about what I’m feeling, right now.   538 more words

I want to remember it all

Life is crazy. For 9 months I worried. I worried about everything. We were going to have a baby-another life we were responsible for. Were we ready? 344 more words

Newton's Third Law as it Relates to Love

I’m currently at a crossroads.  And I feel like the only way to get wherever it is that I need to get is to write about it; to share my story, or at least the parts that I’m most comfortable sharing with others.   841 more words

Such A Simple Act ......

…… can bring forth so many emotions and memories.

I went to the theatre last night with several friends. Four of them were married couples. I sat next to one of them, chatting and laughing until the lights were turned down and the play prepared to start. 170 more words

The First New Blog

I suppose with a new era, comes a new blog, so here goes nothing!

I’m calling my new blog Gym’s A Tonic.  “Why?” you ask.  Well for me, a gym convert, gym has been my tonic through some tough times.  592 more words