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I have been ignoring this little blog of mine for the past little while as I’ve been transitioning into life post-cancer treatments. I’ve found life has gotten in the way, but I am making an effort now and setting time aside to write as it really helped me through the treatment phase of my cancer diagnosis, and I am hoping it will do the same as I try to find my place in this crazy world. 611 more words

Life After Cancer

GUEST POST: On beating cancer and depression - how adversity can be your friend

Written and kindly donated by Jenny.

Hi everyone, I’m here to talk about how great my life is.

…No wait! Don’t switch off! This isn’t going to be a showreel of my highlights (you get enough of those on your Facebook news feed, right?). 1,166 more words


Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - Day 18 - Know Your Colostomy from your Ileostomy

Day 17 – My DictiOSTOMY!

This is something that is commonly confused, especially by the media, so this is basically it in my version of a dictionary – … 250 more words


Cancer and strawberry milkshakes!

So, Saturday 11 April was a pretty big day for me. I had meant to write a few thoughts about it on the actual day, but in the morning I walked 14.5 miles (23.5 kms) as part of my training for the Moonwalk marathon that I am doing next month, and it just about finished me off! 532 more words


In which I'm still just really shallow about that one thing.

Yesterday was five months from the day of my last chemo.

I LOVE that I’m no longer getting hooked up to an IV of gross (life-saving, but still gross) dripping chemicals that wreaked havoc on my body and caused me to feel like I’d been hit by a mack truck full of poison every two weeks. 843 more words


Same as it Ever Was

The internet is full of Cancer Rock Stars. Cancer Badasses. People who ran marathons during chemo. People who created great art during treatment. People who just rocked it and stayed really positive and had an amazing sense of humor about it and were an inspiration to everyone around them, even when it got rough. 691 more words


Alive and Well

Two and a half years ago, I was scouring the internet looking for info on women in my same situation. I found a number of blogs, with good info and interesting women, but the majority of those blogs had ended abruptly. 260 more words

Breast Cancer