Dual Reality

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, the news is in. I have officially passed the 2 year mark in remission. This is HUGE when you’re a survivor. 805 more words

Cancer Remission

6 Months Chemo Free!

On Thursday, it will be 6 months since I had my last chemo session. It feels like such a long time ago! Two girls from my support group who were ahead of me in their treatments said treatments would feel like a fuzzy blur after they were finished (which I of course didn’t believe at the time), and it certainly does. 411 more words

Breast Cancer

A Life More Ordinary

I love the day-to-day sameness of life. I wake up at about the same time each morning, because my six-year-old wakes up at about the same time each morning and I am greeted by his beautiful toothless grin as he wishes me good morning. 782 more words

The Stupid Things People Say When You Have Cancer!

When You Find Out You Have Cancer…

I would prepare yourself for when people say (what I think) are very stupid things. The most common comment being “I knew someone who had cancer and died”, seriously, who are you helping when you say that? 681 more words


Towards a new normal

In April last year I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I entered a world that was unfamiliar, frightening and frustrating and at times completely surreal. 341 more words

Ovarian Cancer

Surviving cancer: the struggle continues even after treatment

MONTREAL — Tristan Williams, 24, has gone through more in the last 12 years than many will in their entire life.

“I first got diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2002 when I was 12 years old,” he said. 500 more words


Catching Up, The Return of Read an Ebook Week, and The Hamptons Comic Book Show 2015

I realize I never said anything after the last surgery and I apologize. I am trying to become better about blogging, but as a blogger, I’m a work in progress. 1,021 more words

Writing Life