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The Art of Living a Life of Caliber Part 1

Who says a life can’t be high art? I intend to make the art of living my life one of excellence. Artists, and writers from centuries past have worked to capture the hero and heroine attempting achieve their destiny, overcoming challenges at every turn, seeing results, seeing failures, and ultimately celebrating their victory. 1,088 more words

Art Of Living

8 ways to simplify your life

Life seems so simple. We are born, we live out our lives in this mysterious world we come to call home, and we die. Despite the simple cycle life holds a promise to always become complicated. 972 more words


21 Things I'm Learning as a 21 Year Old

I am officially a twenty-something! And like every twenty-something before me, I can safely say that I have totally figured out this whole life thing. Well, I mean I get what I… 856 more words

Being a Parent, Being a Child

As a kid I naturally took things for granted, especially my parent’s efforts to ensure as best a life for me. All I had to do was my schoolwork and not be a pain. 287 more words


at the risk of sounding cliche

Look, I don’t wanna sound like some washed up quote plastered onto a tumblr graphic, but there are some truths we all have to acknowledge. 20 more words

College Life

Welcome To The Fit List - Lisa Barse Bernstein

Today, we welcome to the Fit List Lisa Barse Bernstein, Global Head of Human Resources for Apollo Global Management.  We love Lisa’s great advice for women in the workplace: 244 more words


The One And Only Time I Hope The Poor Little Rich Girl Wins....

I have never been one that idolizes or even likes celebrities or athletes, they are not worthy of such praise in my opinion and I think people who do idolize them are just ridiculous.   508 more words