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Uncle Jake’s advice for life: Men’s Fashion

Every man needs to own a suit. 

Honestly today’s advice isn’t really advice, it’s a fact.  Own a suit.  It’s a staple of dressing yourself from your junior prom until…idk…your funeral, seriously own a suit. 173 more words

Uncle Jake's Advice For Life


So here it is another Rainbow Rowell novel, I know it seems like half my posts are about her books but I swear I read a multitude of things. 221 more words


Little Things that Make a Difference to Introverts

When the going gets tough, the tough sit down with a good book to relax.

Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted because I started my very last two courses for my sociology undergraduate degree a couple of weeks ago. 614 more words


the reason why

Basically, i’ve been inspired to start this blog frankly because I want to fulfill a cliche. Have you ever seen one of those movies where the individual starts a blog and all of the sudden in a matter of weeks or months they have a coming of age experience? 120 more words


Biscuits are so good

I love me some biscuits, fresh hot biscuits. My favorite thing to put on biscuits is honey. Put honey on biscuits for a yummy treat

Life Advice

Small Trips Start Big Plans

I’m slowly realizing people aren’t all the same.

Isn’t that silly- only took me 25 years! I am more aware now then ever, that there are folks who think what I value or pride myself on isn’t important, and vice versa. 543 more words

Uncle Jake’s Advice for Life: The Do’s and Don’ts of eating out

Do ask for multiple items at once

If your food gets brought out and you need ketchup, a glass of water, and extra napkins, tell me all that.  234 more words

Uncle Jake's Advice For Life