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Brand You: Creating A Niche

This week we are talking brand you and creating your niche. Carving out a niche for yourself in business is a great way to stand out and ensure that your presence is valued. 31 more words

Life According To Her

Perfecting Brand You

Brand you is the single most influential brand that you can endorse. Everything that you do is shaping the image of your personal or professional brand so make sure that you are on point and aware of that at all times.


Ahyiana Angel

Life According To Her

Just Curves

I couldn’t be happier and prouder of one of my girlfriends from college, Yolanda Williams. This woman is the definition of following your dreams and taking action. 146 more words

Life According To Her

Self-Evaluation In Relationships

If you’re a career driven, go-getter sometimes your personal life can take a backseat. Last week we talked about being prepared for business opportunities when they come your way, this week we are talking about being prepared when personal relationship opportunities come your way. 29 more words

Life According To Her

When Opportunity Knocks

I can’t remember the saying exactly, but I think it is something like: luck is when preparation and opportunity meet. Well that’s what we are talking about today, being prepared. 71 more words

Life According To Her

Trying To Get Yo Life

As a society, we put this crazy amount of pressure on ourselves at a young age (19-21) to figure out what it is we envision doing for the rest of our lives. 84 more words

Life According To Her

Getting Out Of A Rut

Sometimes we can get to a point in our lives and/or career where we feel unmotivated, stuck and a bit lost as to what the next move will be. 58 more words

Life According To Her