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An Open Letter to Anyone That Needs It

Three words.
I am sorry.
Truly and genuinely sorry.
To anyone and everyone I have ever wronged. In any capacity.
If I ever made you feel as if you less than you are. 185 more words


Legal Theft Flash Fiction: Permanent (347 words)

Alex thought that it wasn’t really his fault. And the others repeated their conviction that it was.

He had been very small when he first learned about liars, about the half-truths that they could tell and the way they could spread their words into unwary mouths, so that the lie was repeated with real honesty under the syllables. 294 more words


Rumours, Lies, and the Elusive Truth of the Internet

Don’t believe everything you hear. That is what people are generally told. We usually take what is said in newspapers to be true; this may not always be the case. 442 more words

Mommy refuses to admit her wrongness.

Lying and stubbornness and pride.

All of them go hand and hand.

You have pride, but when you’re wrong your pride keeps you from admitting you’re wrong making you stubborn, so you lie in an attempt to convince people you are right. 283 more words


We need to talk.

Possibly the most dreaded sentence ever. Your mind automatically overthinks when it hears those four words. But why? It’s four words, twelve letters and could have so many meanings. 142 more words


Lies and dolls in Istanbul

I hesitate somewhat to share this one. I feel a bit of a heel. But here goes anyway.

Istanbul was a tumult of sights and sounds. 515 more words


Ego's Kiss

Ego’s Kiss

Love – a masterful illusion of the

finest quality –

conquered by mere words,

truth’s complexity.

Faith’s retreat – the ultimate betrayal,

and lie’s consequence – 10 more words

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