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New discoveries....

It’s amazing the things you discover when you are trying to distract yourself from pain. I knew that on a recent deployment to Germany that my husband was talking to a girl who goes to our school. 824 more words


Two sides now.4/7/15

Good morning!

Woke up and got a rude shock.The cheating husband got the cheek to stand up for his rights.Well,ok he have the right lor.So there he goes with his story.He claimed he was forced bla bla bla…forced at knifepoint?* 115 more words


My oldest daughter who is in her mid  twenties moved back home a few months ago after her boyfriend kicked her out of his mother’s house. 418 more words

Mix of stuff

I have a lot of thoughts going on in my head at the minute and i’m just going to put them all here.  After all this is my blog and it’s for putting my thoughts out into the void. 544 more words

The Quest (an introduction)

After spending a significant amount of my time in law school reading and writing on religious freedom and church-state relations, the recent controversy surrounding Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and the even more recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage have forced me once again to wrestle with my frustrations toward both the so-called “conservative” religious community and the so-called “progressive” humanists. 534 more words


Tourists Beware: Fighting Furbizia in Italy

Since this month’s COSI’ theme is Italian furbizia (cleverness), I want to share a real-life tale from a couple years ago depicting what happens when my husband and father are together for too long, combining forces to create the perfect storm against… 1,023 more words


Lost and Found

Lost and Found
song lyrics only (can be sang as a rap)

They say I am dead
But I know I’m alive
Can’t you see me breathe? 513 more words