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Liebster Award

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is a super exciting bonus post – I hadn’t planned on posting this today but I woke up and found out that the lovely… 962 more words

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liebster award

ok first, thank you so much to Quiet Alison for the nomination, I really appreciate it!

Onto the questions *drumroll*

1. What is your proudest moment? 393 more words

Liebster Award

So low and behold, my teenie weenie blog actually got nominated for the ‘Liebster Award’ by one of my favourite bloggers From One Teen To Another… 644 more words

Liebster Award

Hey everyone. I got nominated by Teenage Lunatics for the Liebster Award.
I have been nominated for rewards before only this time I am actually going to take notice to it. 489 more words


Another Liebster Award

I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for a Liebster award by The Life of an Anxious Teen. Thank you very much! Since I have already been nominated for a Liebster Award I thought that I would answer the questions that were posed: 256 more words

The Liebster Award!

Wow! I was give this award by TeenageLunatics, who is amazing and you should go check out their blog. This award is given to new bloggers by other bloggers and I am so happy I was nominated to get it because it means so much to me. 435 more words


Hey y’all! I’m still sort of in shock and awe over this one. I’ve been nominated for a blogger award. I can’t say that’s ever happened to me and considering I’ve only had my blog since mid-May, frankly I’m flattered. 864 more words