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Odds and Ends

Being involved in baseball books allows ones self to explore many different avenues.  From the first time a game was ever played to modern-day 2015, the possibilities are endless.   792 more words


Two Giants of Their Industry - Before the Internet Ruled the World.

There was a time not too long ago in this great land, that the entire world was not at your fingertips.  You could not hop on your computer, or pick up your cell phone and see almost instantaneously what was going on in the world.   527 more words


Leigh Montville Has 20/20 Heinz Sight in WSJ Review

The hardworking staff is a longtime fan of the great W.C. Heinz, and we’re hoping everyone else will catch up with us thanks to the Library of America’s new publication, … 526 more words

What Remains To Be Published?

What Remains? Bear in mind some of this will make its way into another Library of America volume of uncollected (and unpulbished prose). But I thought I’d share anyway. 601 more words

Jack Kerouac

On the occasion of Jack Kerouac's 93rd birthday ...

Not having much prepared by way of a blog entry about Kerouac’s 93rd birthday, I thought I would just free-fall with this one. I have stacked next to me the three Library of America volumes, all sitting there, just in case I need to dip into any one of them to retrieve a quote, profundity, witticism …. 1,271 more words

Library of America: The Civil War Told by Those Who Lived It

Library of America:
The Civil War Told by Those Who Lived It

“Hundreds of selections from scores of eyewitnesses, both North and South, in the heat of battle and at the home front, from November 1860 to June 1865.”  57 more words