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Rand Paul, an embarasement to libertarian values

Cassius Methyl
March 27, 2015
(ANTIMEDIA) Rand Paul seems to be completely changing his moral convictions, and is now working to raise the ‘defense’ fund approximately 16%. 369 more words

Brian By Experience

Voting for the lesser evil

A good friend of mine, and trusted allie, reminded me that the reason that Barbara Boxer got elected was because of the stunt pulled on the republican candidate Bruce Herschensohn just before elections. 1,009 more words

Brian By Experience

ICYMI: Cruz, Capitalism, Babies & Flags

This has been a very exciting week (thank you Ted Cruz) and I hope y’all enjoyed our content. In case you missed some of it, I wanted to share some of the highlights with you. 160 more words


Libertopia Series #4

The gang is back with Libertopia #4! This time, our cartoon opens with Lewis asking Frank and Abe about what it might mean to live in a Democracy, and soon receives a response illustrating an important point! 166 more words

improving happiness

Happiness, everyone loves the feeling yet it can be so transient. I have worked lately to become more in tune to the things that I do to allow me to achieve a certain level of equanimity and happiness. 193 more words