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Why I Won’t Vote on May 5th (or is it 7th?) – and Nor Should You

(Neil’s Note: This essay is from my archives. The date stamp on it is April 28th, 2005.

Ten years on, I could write almost exactly the same essay again… – except for two things. 3,338 more words


Rand Paul & Foreign Policy

With the 2016 presidential elections still far in the distance the republican camps on Capitol Hill are already filled with tension. Worry filled arguments all surrounding a divided GOP and republican party which in the months prior has become increasingly hawkish, in turn pushing many young and lifelong conservatives away from the solid party endorsement. 637 more words


Another chapter in the annals of progressive tolerance

Greetings comrades, today’s latest show trial focuses on two homosexual businessmen, Mr. Mati Weiderpass and Mr. Ian Reisner. You might be wondering how these two men could have crossed the… 444 more words


No More Democracy: No More America

My school is having a political crisis. I know, I know. Whaat? A school having a political crisis. Don’t worry you don’t need new glasses, it actually says that. 528 more words


Dis-Obey your Masters...

Dissent and Disobedience are without question crucial to a TRUE Democracy, something this nation has been severely lacking. Dissent and Disobedience are both key to ensuring and sustaining liberty and freedom. 572 more words


Statue of Liberty Evacuated

Mark Dice, Apr 2015

Statue of Liberty Evacuated – Suspicious Package Prompts Investigation and Evacuation.

Time: 05:38


Personal Liberty vs. Government Responsibility

Why does the government exist? While many believe that it was created to be a problem solver for the governed, the Framers of this country created it to be the protector of people’s unalienable right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. 204 more words