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A Rebuttal to Leftist Stereotypes Placed on Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians

I’ve seen a lot of comments on reddit and other social media outlets smearing the Right, unaware of what their Democratic administration is doing to shame marijuana, gay rights, etc, as well. 918 more words


Established European Nation to Operate in Bitcoin

Have you heard of Liberland? Of course you have! It is, after all, the largest and wealthiest nation between Croatia and Serbia. For the unenlightened among us, Liberland is a European Nation that prides itself for its social and economic freedom. 289 more words


Christie Promises To ‘Crack Down’ On Marijuana If Elected President

During a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) claimed he will “crack down” on states (Colorado, Washington) that have legalized marijuana, if he becomes President in the future.   109 more words

Tenth Taoist Contemplation: Laissez Faire

Laissez Faire is a French term that translates as “allow doing“, or “let it be“. The Taoists have frequently been labeled libertarian. 351 more words


Lenape Libertarianism

Peace. Tolerance. Autonomy. If asked who established these concepts on the North American continent, I’m sure many would respond the Founding Fathers. Those more familiar with the history of the Delaware Valley would say the Quakers. 409 more words


Cartoon Tyrant

. . . He is plausible and cunning. — Arthur Conan Doyle

If there ever were another Hitler, would we see him coming? Or would he sneak into our lives and hearts and wreak destruction before we realized what was happening? 1,092 more words