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Libertarian Icon David Koch Supports Supreme Court Overturning Gay Marriage Bans

“With all this support of drug legalization, repealing the PATRIOT ACT, ending police brutality, along with the aforementioned tolerance for same-sex marriage, you could almost think an idealistic Democrat could get some Koch dollars if they had… 17 more words


The Everyday Death Penalty

In recent decades, Western countries have evolved toward the idea that execution is barbaric and has no place in civilized society. Not that none of us ever nurses the desire to see someone hateful put to death, but as a formal political matter we generally no longer wish the government to liquidate criminals on our behalf. 724 more words


Despite Rev. Charles Harrison NOT Being Their Mayor Candidate; Libertarian Party Wants Black Voter Support

The Rev. Charles Harrison, who has flirted with possibly running as the Libertarian Party candidate for Mayor will not be going that route.  That’s what came out an… 258 more words

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The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Gets Its Third Soon-To-Be-Ex-Director

Bryan Singer is the latest director attached to adapt the classic Robert A. Heinlein science fiction novel The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress for the big screen.   310 more words

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What a beautiful day in the capital; +3C this afternoon! I went for my regular timmies run, but decided to extend it a bit and go for a drive. 517 more words


The Relationship Between Religion and Freedom

The relationship between religion and freedom is a complex one. I won’t pretend that I am an expert in either subject, but a number of generalizations can be made with regard to this topic. 712 more words

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