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Wildrose raise $1 million in campaign contributions, challenge rivals to release donor lists

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean challenged his political rivals Sunday to reveal their financial backers before Tuesday’s vote after his party disclosed it has collected more than $1 million in contributions since the election campaign started last month. 641 more words


The Mayor Of Baltimore Who Gave Rioters "Space To Destroy" Has Been Found Out To be A Patsy For Obama

The instructions this brain dead mayor was giving out to the police Dept. I immediately gathered that she must have something to do with Obama, after all they talk with the same mind-set. 455 more words


Muslims, just like liberals, are manifestations of contradiction. The single example I chose for this brief comparison is the Muslim practice of bacha bazi. The term bacha bazi translates to “playing with young boys”. 224 more words


How Conservatives Were Forced to Abandon the Arts

This is going to be one of my longest posts ever, so I’m going to provide what’s sometimes called a “tl;dr” which is short for “too long, didn’t read.” This post will be part of a book I am writing called Against Liberal College. 3,743 more words

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New Product, Check It Out!

It’s for liberals, progressives, Democrats and anyone else left of center!

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