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Oh, Goody...

Confident Obama not satisfied with his ‘best week ever’

President Obama said Tuesday he is not letting his foot off the gas pedal following a string of victories some are calling his “best week ever.”

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Senator Ludlam on Citizenship, Activism and Democracy.

In a speech in Perth on Tuesday, Greens Senator Scott Ludlam spoke on the recent citizenship reforms, the importance of activism and the nature of democracy in Australia. 814 more words


This is an incredibly deep piece of work on the Gay marriage agenda.

CONTRIBUTION This was not written by me except a short bit of commentary at the end.

Yes, Gay Marriage Hurts Me Personally

Jun. 30, 2015 12:46pm… 2,009 more words

Politics are Coming and they are Going to be Awful

Already I have relatives with their “I’m ready for Hillary” shirts and totes–relatives who blithely hated her during the Clinton years, because that’s what you were supposed to do during the Clinton years. 117 more words

The Supreme Court Is Still Conservative and Michigan vs. EPA Showcases How

The Supreme Court undeniably tilted left this term.  It was impossible not to note how the court that ruled that money was speech in 2010, significantly weakened the Obamacare contraception mandate in 2011 and eliminated Section IV of the VRA in 2013 and further weakened campaign finance in 2014 suddenly lurched left (upholding state subsidies and supporting gay marriage).   780 more words


A Bold Suggestion

That didn’t take long. No sooner was the ink dry on the new national right to gay marriage, than certain folks then began demanding that churches have their tax-exempt status removed if they don’t fall in line and start performing gay marriage services (and with a smile too!). 639 more words