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Controversial Artist Depicts Jesus In a Way That Has Some Calling It an ‘Abomination’

The idea that this is even needed bothers me. The Catholic Church does not hate gays, read our teachings on it… If this was Mohamed the media would be all over this, calling the artist  out for being insensitive to the Muslim faith, yet, because its Christians, its all OK, an open session to offend. 162 more words


Liberalism Breeds Soft, Weak, Young 'Men'

I know some of you think when I say “liberalism breeds weak, fat men” that I’m merely politicizing an issue to be polarizing. I assure you that’s not the case.

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Guess who said, "My problem with Cruz is that he's very, very smart"?

What? To smart? Really… Well for a liberal that maybe a scary thing, look who they voted into office…

DAVID BROOKS of the NY Times: “My problem with Cruz is that he’s very, very smart – he’s going to Wall Street these days and impressing people with his intelligence – but he’s in the new era of performance politics.

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The generation who may never vote: Apathetic or justified?

Ready for your listening pleasure, I present to you ‘The generation who may never vote: Apathetic or justified?’

British politics are stuck in a vicious cycle; young people vote the least of all and, as such, politicians have the tendency to neglect their interests when creating policies. 77 more words


Feminism and the free market: Does liberty entail liberation?


…However, when I started reading about liberalism and Hayek and Adam Smith I had that feeling of “where have you been all my life?”. One of the reasons that I was so pleasantly surprised was because I had come to understand liberalism through the lens of liberal feminism.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali & the illiberal 'liberals'.

In the past few months a string of new books ‘explaining’ the rise of ISIS have appeared on the shelves of the big book stores across the country. 2,089 more words