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A Liberal's Success

It’s impossible to explain the most simple things to libtards. Like fact that one-way friendship with thugs has a common simple name “A Very Stupid Way To Be Whacked”. 100 more words


Bleeding Heart Liberal

Friends know my Liberal street cred is high. I’m atheist, vegetarian, LGBTQ-friendly, politically progressive, and I recycle. Too bad I’m straight because then I’d have a Liberal Bingo. 1,104 more words

A Place Called Hell

Anyone believe in hell anymore?

Anyone ever hear of the place?

There used to be a place called hell and you knew you didn’t want to go there after you died.  661 more words


Election 2015: It has (unofficially) begun

The first punches have been thrown; but no one has run or tried to dodge yet
By Rahman Mohamed

The time is nearing.  October 19 is only 108 days away from July 3.  571 more words


Coming of Age

In my senior year of High School, I had a placement with a organization called (Ontario) Public Research Interest Group ([O]PRIG). They are a grassroots student-based organization committed to struggling for injustices in the environmental and social justice, radical research, community engagement and popular education. 749 more words

Justin Trudeau on politics, a famous father and the oil sands

With a few months to go and a tie in the polls, Justin Trudeau explains his approach to politics and to a famous father, and why his stance on the oil sands doesn’t discredit him as an environmentalist. 2,727 more words

Political Dog

What is the role of government?

With all the debate in government today one phrase which has been passed around frequently is the ‘role of the Federal government.’ Unfortunately, when asked, everyone seems to have a different opinion on what the Role of government is. 626 more words