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You dismantled your right to approve or not and threw away the key

Let me report a side of the outcome of the referendum that I had not expected.

We knew that the debate would have personal costs. An… 280 more words


Lord Christopher Monckton Asks if President Obama and 'the Hard Left' are 'of the Devil'

Lord Christopher Monckton — a right-wing crank and member of Britain’s homophobic UK Independence Party — used the topics of marriage equality and global warming as an excuse to ask whether or not President Obama and the “global totalitarian hard left” are “of the devil.” In… 1,219 more words

Christian Right

After the Gender clinic

This is a serious Trans post, which will give all my other fans warm fuzzies about Self-Acceptance and Personal Growth, even though the title is yet again click-bait for… 547 more words


Morrissey Congratulated Ireland, Then Ridiculed Them For Not Being Nice To Animals

It was inevitable. At some point in all the warmly positive hoopla regarding Ireland’s popular vote for same-sex marriage, someone with a public voice was going to sh*t all over it. 171 more words


Families are everything...Bring them with us.

I’m always interested and impassioned by the LGBT equality movement. The reason why is because one of my closest relatives has been in a same-sex relationship for as long as any of us could remember. 385 more words


Why Religious Preferences Can't Keep Gays Out of Your Restaurants

I know I’m a little late to the party, but let’s talk about this *new* law that allows store owners and business owners to not serve  379 more words


5 Ways Being Trans is Like Being a Superhero

It can be tough to stay positive sometimes, as a part of a subset of society frequently derided, misunderstood, and even feared for our differences. What’s important to keep in mind though, is that those differences aren’t just something that set us apart – they make us special. 779 more words