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Watch: Wells Fargo Launches "Learning Sign Language" Vid With a Lesbian Couple

From Wells Fargo email:

Every day, Wells Fargo works with millions of customers who reflect diverse cultures and beliefs, and we are proud to share this experience broadly.

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If You Bet Today On 2016's Presidential Candidates, What Would You Win If They Became President?

I am not a betting man but I found this story captivating. If you bet $100 on any of the 2016 presidential candidates today, what would you win if you won the bet? 103 more words


New Aggressive HIV Strain Discovered in Cuba

An aggressive, new strain of HIV has been discovered in Cuba.

One which has the ability to develop into AIDS within three years of infection. … 317 more words


Today's Chicken Soup Digest: The Right Is FREAKING OUT About Marriage Equality

With the United States Supreme Court slated to begin hearing cases for and against marriage equality next week, right wingers are displaying signs of desperation and derangement. 535 more words


LGBTQ Teens Engaged in Sex Work for Survival

There’s a difference between sex work that is legal and that which is criminalized, as far as protection and health-regulation goes, but it’s all work. People are doing this work for many different reasons, very rarely because they want to. 462 more words


Practice Peaceful Protests People. Do Not Be Ignorant!

Good afternoon Jibber Jabbers,

Now you all must know by now that I like writing about a good protest..or what I think are protests.

SO! Here is another protest I read about on Facebook. 235 more words

New AGS Statement on Elderly LGBT Community

A new position statement from the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) sees another segment of the medical community shining a light on treatment of the LGBT community. 381 more words