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To the Children of LGBT Parents: Marriage Equality is for Us Too.

I remember it vividly. I was 17, sitting in the computer lab of our business class. The teacher had left the room. And suddenly a student blurted out, “All gays should die.” I sat there, my blood boiling. 611 more words


SCOTUSBlog Live: June 25th

Good morning! It is Friday which, is amazing. I think real-time blogging about a live blog makes me some sort of weird super fan. However, it did make me sublimely happy yesterday so I am totally doing it again today as promised. 353 more words

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Thursday, June 25th - SCOTUSBlog Live

I have decided to update my blog in real time in anticipation of the pending decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges case. I will do this tomorrow and Monday if necessary as well. 524 more words


Thank you Hillary!

Anyone in the LGBTQ community can and will sincerely appreciate this video!

I am grateful, and I am hopeful that America will move ever closer to… 31 more words


Life After IVF...

The last 4+ months have been pretty eventful. We took some time to grieve, and while I don’t think we’ll ever get over our two embabies, we had to count our blessings and move on. 1,013 more words


Weekend Family Fun in Rehoboth Beach, DE

This whole month I have been thinking about Pride and how to participate with a youngster in tow. In general, Pride is kind of an adult affair…information booths, booze, beads (kids like beads though), parties, and fabulous parades…But who doesn’t love a parade? 460 more words

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Love, Always

Love, Always, edited by Jordon Johnson and Becky Garrison, is a newly published collection of writings by the partners of trans people. I was excited to discover it; as the partner of a trans person who does not have any real-life models for how to fill that role, I hoped to gain perspective on my own relationship by reading about how others have navigated their partner’s transition. 1,247 more words