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A More Inclusive Bookshelf

Last week, I finally got around to expanding our kids’ library with several new books featuring transgender children, and families with same-sex parents. (Unfortunately, I have not found a good book featuring a family with a transgender… 815 more words


Little Decisions with BIG results

Last month, when R had her yearly OB appt, we had both gone to discuss the use of clomid if last month’s IUI failed. Her OB had advised us to come in if that were the case, so we scheduled a 7.30am consultation today. 255 more words

Keeping it in My Pocket: an open letter to the social worker


This is a posting that I’ve been keeping in my pocket. It is a posting that I feel needs to be written for therapeutic reasons if nothing else, but it is one that I didn’t want to put out there until things were sewn up and ready to wear to the courthouse for the adoption of our one-year-old foster baby. 1,768 more words


2 Moms R Awesome 2 

I often read a news story because it shows up in my newsfeed on Facebook, my Google alerts, someone posts it on Twitter or even just my daily scan of CNN.com ( 1,131 more words

Two Moms

The red dawn....

It’s 12:30 and I can’t sleep. My mind is full of a million different scenarios and reasons as to why this cycle didn’t work. Why we aren’t celebrating the beginning of our 9 month journey. 348 more words

Gay Adoption — One Couple’s Story

Stepping inside the Allen-McDaniel household, it’s very clear that two little girls reside inside. The sounds of the animated film “Rio” plays from the television, a “Frozen” table is the perfect size for little ones, and a pink kitchen playset is surrounded by dolls and toys. 1,423 more words

South Florida Gay News

Are Boycotts as Out of Style as Dolce & Gabbana

So I am coming a few days late to the party of commenting on the Dolce & Gabbana boycott, called out to we gays and our supporters by Sir Elton John and others.   747 more words