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Miért éri meg gyülekezetbe járni?

Egy nagyon érdekes hasonlatra akadtam rá azzal kapcsolatban, hogy miért érdemes gyülekezetbe járni. Hallottam már olyan kifogásokat, hogy mindig unalmas a prédikáció, olyan bűnös ott mindenki, nincsenek fiatalok, nincsen program,… Voltam már én is olyan gyülekezetben, ahol nem volt fiatal és unalmas volt a prédikáció. 295 more words


City Beach Residence

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Overview: It’s a two-level structures that merges the interior spaces and the surrounding landscape forming one amazing retreat. The most spectacular is the upper floor which is almost completely opened to the views. 100 more words


GW2: Further Experi-Adventures in Downscaling

So maybe level 20 is a freak occurrence, right?

Certainly, I went dungeon running in TA (effective lvl 55) and CoF (effective lvl 75) today with a non-PUG group – the guilded pretty faithful meta group to which I am probably the largest deviant away from dps-optimal – and didn’t really “feel” a huge change in damage done or time to kill, although I note that people -were- falling over more often and had to be rezzed a little more. 1,629 more words

Guild Wars 2

New Review Section: H-Level

I’m adding a new section to reviews: The H-Level.

The H-Level goes from Zero to Very High, and shows how much sexual content is in the anime/manga being reviewed. 114 more words


GW2: I Think... Downscaling is Borked

I’m just a little bit upset.

I am mildly disturbed to the point of not being able to go to bed at 11.50pm on a Friday night and decided to stay up until 1.30am doing a quick experiment, collecting more data and then writing this blog post. 1,575 more words

Guild Wars 2

UK population grows to 64.6 million

The population of the UK is at a record level after increasing by almost half a million within a year.

Muscle Building Workout Schedule - Beginner Level

Hello everyone,
This article will teach you how to set up your perfect muscle building workout schedule. Firstly, a perfect workout means different things to different people. 29 more words