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3D Design ideas

for designing something in 3ds max for a college project we have 2 choices, an art gallery/museum or an environment from a video game or movie, I’m currently undecided but more leaning towards a video game/movie environment. 12 more words

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User Profile - games

gender : my game is aimed at both genders

age:25-50 year olds

location: people that live in or around fife

how often used: an hour or two… 41 more words

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User Profile

Gender:  Both

Age: 16-25

Location: Hallbeath Campus

How often used: long term (around 10 mins or more at a time)

when/where: remotely, a few mins at a time

technology skills:meduim

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Digital Shadow Graph Project Notes

Experiment 1:

Equipment: Laptop, Projector, Feedback Monitor, any additional lighting or equipment needed.

Programs: Processing, Resolume,

Issues: How will the dancer see what is happening on the screen when his/her back is turned to it?

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analysis of a brief

why have a brief?

1. it is a starting point to work with a client

2.it helps build a good working relationship with the client… 23 more words

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What is a brief and why do you need it

You need a brief because

  1. its a starting point for discussion with a client
  2. communicate ideas to a client and others in the team
  3. Important informing a good working relationship with client and others…
  4. 13 more words
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location based game

we are asked to do research and think of a location based game to make form what i seen the one of the most used one is geo caching on that from what i gather you find thing placed by other people by gps other are tourality ourality, as a location based game (LBG), is a novel kind of game. 115 more words

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