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Spring Progress

We are in that great time of year when one flower, shrub, and tree blooms after another. Daffodils are fading as tulips arrive. Forsythia is passing the torch to redbud. 261 more words


Grow My Little Seedlings, Grow!

So, a week after I sowed my lettuce and kohl rabi seeds I’m pleased to see my seedlings coming through.

Grow my little seedlings, grow! 198 more words


Day 2 of the 24-Day Challenge

I am moving right along today and I feel amazing! I feel energized and happy, full, and excited to keep going. I feel strong and powerful and am wearing my Wonder Woman “Girls Rule” shirt to commemorate Day 2. 645 more words


Allotment tidy - complete!

Peter and I finished tidying up the far corner of the allotment last Saturday. It was a fine afternoon, although rather windy, but we managed to get the fire going so that we could burn the remains of the old shed which had seen better days. 134 more words


Smoked Salmon Salad

Today I found out that I don’t like the smoked salmon trimmings from Asda (¬£1.25 for 120 g). It wasn’t my first time eating it so I wasn’t expecting to be so slimey and fishy. 45 more words


Bolting Lettuce

Bolting lettuce… no it doesn’t grow legs and start bolting out of the garden like a scene from the game Plants vs Zombies. ¬†Bolting is when the plant sends up a flower stalk and goes to seed. 33 more words

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