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loveless relationship

My note to self today:

“So many people stay stuck in a horrible or unloving relationship for the sad sake they are afraid of change and afraid of being alone.

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Nobody Knows How To Fix Me; Nobody, But You.

I wish to speak to someone,
someone who might have answers
to my tragedy.

I want to ask what is wrong with me.
I want to ask where I’m broken, 65 more words



“If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?” Khalil Gibran

I’m trying to learn the art of moving on. I’m not sure how to do it, or how long it will take, as some things are harder to let go of than others. 67 more words

Mid-Afternoon Blogging 5.5.15

It’s not bedtime but I really needed to post something since I just posted “I feel like when it gets to the point that I am crying my face off from feeling inadequate and hopeless when looking at jobs that maybe I should stop…” to my Facebook and after doing that I thought I should do something that I actually enjoy doing to make myself feel better… So, here I am, writing on my blog that no one probably reads anyway! 852 more words


Guilt, Forgivenes and Letting Go

Today marks the surrender of Nazi Germany in WWII and the media is full of memorials and remembrances. Having been born in Germany and only 3 months old when my family immigrated to Canada, I learned by osmosis through my family’s experiences. 427 more words


Letting Go

Letting go…

-Is not taking responsibility for others. It is taking responsibility for yourself.

-Is not controlling others. It is admitting your own powerlessness.

-Is not trying to change or blame others. 209 more words