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She (Part 22)

“So who is the lucky girl then?” There’s no right time to ask you this and I am not sure if I really want to know but I can see that something’s happened over the week and perhaps it’s better if you break my heart sooner rather than later. 486 more words


14 years at an end

Is this my fault? Is it yours? Who do we blame for the loss of forever? The death of a dream, the security of our future? 801 more words


Happiness: Become The Person You Wish To Be!

In concept, being happy and positive is simple. In practice, sometimes it is not so simple. I have blogged before that we are a product of our environment, if you had a difficult life, maybe you have become “hardened”, a bit gruff and think that if you drop your guard, someone is going to come in and hurt you. 443 more words



The pain radiating from me,
Cannot be physically felt,
But it feels worse somehow,
Being only in my mind.

That feeling of numb emptiness,
Mixed in with the feeling of, 75 more words


Letting Go

She didn’t want to hold on to the poison anymore. 

She can’t let herself get emotionally drained anymore.

She wouldn’t allow anyone come close to her anymore. 259 more words

Who Are You?

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Everything you said
you weren’t… you proved.
I fell in love with ideals not you.
You painted a beautiful story,
a beautiful you.

But you weren’t lying to me, no! 168 more words


Caring Too Much

Ok let me ask you this, why do we continue to care when we see someone move on? Ugh, just reading the damn question irritates me. 912 more words