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Enough is Enough!

I couldn’t have written this any better.
Take a read of a woman telling all the other women out there “Enough is Enough”

Stop settling… 196 more words


Does God Always Answer Our Prayers? - A Controversial Question With A Heartfelt Thought

“Does God always answer prayer?” Our pastor has asked us that question a couple of times and he brought it up again yesterday. A lot more hands went up than usual to contribute to the discussion. 738 more words

Once In a serious relationship, is it okay to keep things from your prior relationship?

You all know what I mean. Many of us have been guilty of keeping old sweatshirts, gifts and even old love notes. Here are some of the reasons why some of you still have these items. 306 more words


Setting of breath

Fire filled orb
Progressing slowly down
Through the atmosphere
Warm breezes blow
As I breathe in deeply
And let go.
To see it all
Over again yet never losing… 44 more words


Intentional Passion: What to Do After You Have Simplified

Have you ever wondered what you are actually going to do with your time once you simplify?

Most of my youth was spent being social, filling up my calendar with to-do’s, and trying to out-do my own self from the previous day. 1,049 more words



I struggle. I struggle with many things because I am not perfect. I feel alone and I feel so lost. I wish there was someone who could relate to me, someone who understood what I am going through, what I go through every day of my life. 1,499 more words


When Were You "Wild" Last?

A few days ago while standing in line at my local deli I watched a young boy reach for a roll of lifesavers and ask an older man who appeared to be his grandfather, “ 792 more words

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