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When It's Time to Let Go

It is never easy to let go. I have personally struggled at times with letting go of relationships and material things as well. Depending upon the circumstances, I have experienced peace and calm in some cases and drama and chaos in other cases. 280 more words

Parking Karma

Park your mind and let your feelings prevail.

Right Brain

The Law

Dhamma: the Law of Nature. What begins will end. What goes up will come down. What opens will close. What rises will set.

It is our work to lean into the suffering versus resist it as within the leaning in, we trust in the Law and know all things are temporary.

Clearing Out and Letting Go

Last week there was a news story about a lawyer winning the right to keep his Steinway piano in his divorce battle with his most recent wife. 580 more words

Mental Toughness


Carrying a heavy load of baggage is tiresome and frustrating. You hurdle through every day hoping it will eventually go away. You try new things, you focus on something brighter, but in the back of your mind you still hear and feel that throbbing… The throbbing that the past so effortlessly reminds you of day after day. 272 more words

.who I Am

the reason

i’ve been away from my office
for some time

when i walked in this morning

i found 2 packages waiting for me

neatly addressed

pretty packaging… 125 more words

Letting Go

Dragon Dreams 0004: Water Water Everywhere

I had a dream last night. Or rather this morning. Last night is a bit of a story in itself, which I’ll get to later. But I want to write the dream down. 1,258 more words