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Hello! Just a quick-ish update for today, as this weekend has been totally disastrous; but I still couldn’t resist updating the blog after I received a beautiful pocket letter from a pen-pal of mine! 198 more words


Posted March 3, 2015

Dear Ruby,

I should not have left Portland, or if I did, I should have waited for you. Now I am stuck with the image of you walking down the green creek path throwing rocks at the water, with the sky beginning to trickle over. 105 more words

Dear Ruby

July 25 '44 Tues. 10:15 P.M.

Hello Darling –

Just got home from Dot’s. Aunt Ruth came out for supper & after we washed dishes we sat & talked. She just left & I came on home. 523 more words

July 24 44 6:16 P.M. Mon

Dearest Jean:

I received your letter dated July 19. I’m so sorry I didn’t send you a wire about the explosion. I never thought it would worry you. 590 more words

confessional Correspondence.

Dear Ex-Husband,

I slept with the neighbor while you were playing grab ass with that bitch secretary of yours, Shannon.

Dear Ex-Wife,

I slept with him, too. 9 more words


How to Write a Friendly Letter

Found this on youtube.

Similar to writing Fan Mail.

Fan Mail

Super massive black hole AKA Reality

Dear diary,

It’s true what they say about being a twenty-something. So full of life, dreams, and expectations. We walk with our head held high, thinking that we’ve go the world at our feet, but, out of sheer experience, I’m fully entitled to say that it’s only a matter of time before life slaps you across the face. 225 more words

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