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It’s very simple: if you give up, you fail.



You can’t expect to be treated like the majority

when you are, in fact, part of the minority.


Letter: Cpl. Paul Franklin's story made this Second World War vet very angry

Re: “Veterans deserve better” (Editorial, March 3)

Your justifiably “J’accuse” editorial in the March 3 edition has filled my very being with an almost lethal combination of more disgust, horror and anger than I care to recall having ever before experienced in my own interactions with government agencies. 201 more words

Government And Politics

Letter: We should be setting a secularism example for the world to follow

When are we going to get this right?

I am thoroughly disturbed by the actions of the Quebec court judge who refused to hear the case of the woman wearing a hijab, and to some extent by some of the reaction to that decision. 245 more words



I believe my opinions regarding self-reflection are evident and clear within this blog. I believe the importance of self-reflection to be universal. The recent trend of ‘girl-power’ themed letters to former selves is an inspirational one, and I believe a lot could be gleaned if everyone participated! 432 more words


Letter: Comparing Montreal to select cities won't help solve our problems

Re: “Many big cities not pedestrian havens” (Letters to the Editor, March 4)

“So where exactly are these pedestrian havens?” asks letter-writer Charles Mackay.

In his critique of my op-ed piece from last Saturday, Mackay ignores the issue of the respective rights of walkers and drivers by focusing rather on other cities that he judges to be as deficient as Montreal is in this regard. 142 more words


Letter: Health-care research is about evidence and science

Re: “How could homoeopathy help with ADHD?” (Joe Schwarcz, Feb. 21) and “Why would anyone think a rigorous clinical trial is a bad idea?” (Opinion, Feb. 375 more words

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