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Letter: Heavier garbage containers are needed in Jean-Drapeau Park

Every day during my morning walk, I see an accumulation of garbage in Jean-Drapeau Park, an eyesore. Don’t the maintenance people see it as well? It is obvious to me that the squirrels, the marmots, the foxes and other wildlife delight in turning the garbage containers upside down for their daily feast. 35 more words


Letter: Lack of imagination in Quebec budget

The recent Quebec budget shows a lack of imagination, creativity and a mean-spiritedness. Once again the people who indebted us want the poor and middle class to pay for their lack of foresight and judgment. 251 more words


Letters: Armenians' grief cannot be ignored

Re: “Calling a genocide by its name” (Editorial, April 24) 

It is reassuring that “many ordinary Turks are parting ways with their government to acknowledge past wrongs and make amends.” This is encouraging. 270 more words

Government And Politics

Letter: We did not vote for the destruction of health care

We did not elect Philippe Couillard to destroy health care. There were proposals to right the sinking ship and curb the enthusiasm to spend beyond our means, but no one voted for the Liberals to destroy health care.  157 more words


Letters: The dangers of cycling in Montreal

Re: “Sharing the road means compromise” (Letters to the Editor, April 23)

I don’t wish to throw mud on Matt Harringtons’s rose-coloured windshield, but his letter misses the issue in the case of the Décarie/de Maisonneuve “Death Design.” 382 more words


Letter: Thinking of the Nepal earthquake victims

Quite appropriately, before the OSM concert this past Sunday afternoon, the musicians and members of the audience were invited to hold a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the terrible earthquake in Nepal and in solidarity with the survivors. 146 more words


Letter: Workload of a judge is misunderstood

Re: “Defence suggests Senate witness Proulx biased for prosecution” (Christie Blatchford, April 25)

I consider Christie Blatchford’s characterization of judges, as set out in her April 25 column, offensive not only in its misrepresentation of a judge’s workload, but in the fact that judges — being subject to the “devoir de réserve,” which prohibits them from speaking about public or social issues — cannot respond to her comments. 143 more words