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Letter to my first year self

Dear first year viola major,

I’m glad things went really well for you this year! You’ve met so many great friends and improved so much as a musician. 804 more words


Novely of Love

The hugs, the kisses, the refreshing “I love you’s”, the pats on the back, the peck on the cheek, and the ultimate glimmer of hope for another day that comes from those beautiful eyes and that gracious smile. 402 more words

Letters To Myself

Happy Anniversary.

Dear Marisa,

It’s been one year. One year since you left Chicago to start a new chapter of life in Los Angeles. You picked up your dreams, your fears, and most importantly, you picked up your head. 626 more words



To forgive does not mean to forget.
Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting the past or running away from it. It means learning from it.
You can’t erase the past, as much as you want to. 46 more words

Letters To Myself

For when you're stress about choosing colleges to apply to.


You know what you’re doing.  Don’t doubt yourself!  Apply wherever you want.  I don’t care if you’re only supposed to apply to 5 colleges!  You apply to every college you want to.   163 more words

Applying To College

Take One: You're a Detective

I wrote this during a family crisis, this summer, around mid-May. 

We start wondering what it is to keep a secret, what it is to tell a lie, what the purpose of having such devices at our hands even is. 373 more words


Letters to Myself

You have been staring at the ceiling for hours now. You need to sleep, but your brain doesn’t allow it. It’s 3am, your mind starts whirling. 410 more words

Letters To Myself