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In Regards To The Anniversary Of Ivan's Birth

Ivan. I’ve known this dude since the beginning of 1998 (I think). So it’s been 18 years.

I’m glad to have kept in contact with him. 271 more words

Catch Up

Oh Dear

Oh dear, I may be developing feelings for you.

Catch Up
Poem 1

I should be sleeping you know, drifting somewhere in a river between dreams and reality, the place where hopes are made of, and “one day” is no longer a mystical land where we could meet, but I am not because half of me is still stuck in reality: in a world where you are my only sweet dream.


Dumb Dumb

You. Why don’t you think you’re pretty? Gosh. Why else would you catch me staring?

Catch Up

Love Vs Like

What’s the difference between ‘love’ and ‘like’? You’ve come to the right place. Not only do I fix people, I’m a butterfly, and  I’m also a love expert. 581 more words

Personal Trainwreck

I don't have an imaginary husband.

Dear “Family” (and I use that term loosely at times),

You may not always see him at my side. You may not always get a chance to talk to him. 672 more words


Happy Birthday!

If it’s your birthday, do two things for me.

One. Thank God for giving you an extra year from last year. Thank God for allowing you another year. 31 more words