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Get A Life

I love it when I know about friends who blog. It’s exciting. It’s special. It’s abnormal. It makes me happy.

We’re constantly bombarded with status updates, shares, likes, videos, pics, game requests, tweets, instant messages, ads, and so on. 373 more words

Catch Up


I never sent you these letters because I wanted to write you something that could resonate within the most hidden corners of your soul and that forever, I wanted to create something that could eclipse all the science fiction books you have read so far; the ones promising you worlds I couldn’t give you, I wanted to offer you something that could fill you up so you could never drink from another source but mine, and I thought maybe not words then.



You are like a movie I play over and over in my mind, and I swear I don’t get tired of it. You do not burn my memory; you rejuvenate it as if something like kissing your mouth was drinking from the fountain of youth.

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I must say your presence makes it hard to breathe, it breaks my bones and inflames my lungs; loving you is like a death sentence.

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I am closing my eyes right now; I have been seeing you on blank pages all day; staring at ceilings to remember your face.

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Letters Never Sent By Sandra Moran: A Review

Letters Never Sent

Genre: Romance/ Family and relationships


Three women, united by love and kinship, struggle to conform to the social norms of the times in which they lived. 365 more words

Book Reviews

Dear, love.

It’s not hard for me to love you… It’s not hard for me to look at you and remember why I fell in love with you and it’s not hard for me to see our future together. 234 more words