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Hello Sweetie III

Hello Sweetie,

You have become such a necessary part of my life, that I can no longer imagine my world without you in it. Talking with you feels as essential as breathing, and the connection between us is so strong that you have simply become an extension of my being. 9 more words


It’s a privilege to write to you tonight after another adventure through The City. But as I hear you describe your affinity for the middle of nowhere, I feel you, hermana! 341 more words

L.A. Stories

Dear Me - It’s Doesn’t Pay to Be Regina George

Dear Me,

I know that right now, you are a giant ball of insecurity, sadly that’s not going to change much but it does get better –  you get uncapped wifi. 467 more words


Love letter # 274

For I may chance upon a million or more brilliant stars in heaven – yet no brighter light have I seen but you.

Paul Ransom

Letter of the week: M

Well this week was fun, since we recently went to the zoo, it was definitely easy for her to finish my sentence when I said “M is for…” and Brielle yells “monkey!”.   416 more words


Are You a Phobophobe? Get Over Trying To Be Fearless!

Everyone wants to be fearless, but it feels off the mark. It feels like missing the point. Irresponsible. Stagnant. Denial. Inauthentic.

Fear has become this blacklisted word and every magazine cover is plastered with shiny headlines touting a quick and easy 5 step (lightweight) process to living your fearless life now. 294 more words


Love letter # 340

When I loved you in the absence of detail there was only love; and in this way I held you in my arms and looked into your eyes and saw that I was not alone. Thank you.

Paul Ransom