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Letter of the week: K!

This letter was pretty difficult for Brielle to understand, until she actually got to do it.  K does that stand for a lot of things that a toddler would understand, so coming up with ideas was particularly interesting this week. 241 more words


Pen Friends. 📝

Who knew that a letter could mean so much to someone that they kept it in a hollow space of the almost worn out brick wall in their backyard? 518 more words


Letters for Mme. Bettinger

This week I was busy getting these letters ready to mail to 1814! I just took them to the post office this morning (swaddled in a boring modern envelope).   120 more words


Elon, we need you!

1st, May 2015.

10:45pm CAT

Dear Elon,

I write to you because I can’t think of any other way to reach you; You and I aren’t friends on Facebook, nor in real life. 464 more words


MYSTICISM: The Fourth Letter To Blessed Agnes Of Prague, by Clare of Assisi

To her who is the half of her soul and the special shrine of her heart’s deepest love, to the illustrious Queen and Bride of the Lamb, the eternal King: to the Lady Agnes, her most dear mother, and, of all the others, her favorite daughter: Clare, an unworthy servant of Christ and a useless handmaid of His handmaids in the monastery of San Damiano of Assisi: health and a prayer that she may sing a new song with the other most holy virgins before the throne of God and of the Lamb and follow the Lamb wherever He may go. 803 more words


Hello Sweetie II

Hello Sweetie,

You have a very strong heart, and you love and help so many without asking for anything in return. But loving so deeply without rest can tire even the biggest of hearts, so it is high time you let someone help you for a change. 6 more words


"सोचा था" (I thought...)

“खत तो लिख ही दूंगी रोज़ तुम्हें,
मग़र क्या फायदा?
पहली बात तो यह,
के तुम तक पहुंचने से रहा,
और अगर पहुंच गया तो भी क्या होगा?
तुम पढ़ोगे,
माथा सिकोड़ोगे और भूल जाओगे,
है न?
ऐसा ही होगा न?
या कुछ अलग होगा?
पहुंच पाएगा?
ख़त, तुम तक?
ध्यान से? देर तक?
सोचा था मैंने,
फ़िर टाल दिया,
तुम्हारी याद को मैंने,
मन से निकाल दिया,
ख़त लिखती रही,
ख़त फाड़ भी दिए,
तुम तक तो नहीं पहुंच पाए,
मग़र मुझे फ़ारिग कर गए,
मैंने तो वही किया हर रोज़ जैसा सोचा था,
मग़र क्या फायदा?
फ़ारिग किसे होना था?
आख़िर फ़ारिग किसे होना था?”

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