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This is why I make LTCs

I was part of an awesome swap.  It was hosted by SharkBoy and LavaGirl.  I have traded quite a few awesome cards with her in the past.   255 more words

HUGE spoiler

I started a large project this weekend.  I am feeling inspired by faces.  I have been searching endlessly for interesting faces to carve and make cards with.   142 more words

Stuck in Seoul Zoo: A letter box By-product.

Today I went back to Seoul Zoo at Seoul Grand Park for another attempt at finding a letterbox, whcih is like a Geocach or a type of scavenger/treasure hunt. 357 more words


Letterboxing Adventures - Hiding Boxes


I began letterboxing in July 2013 (or there abouts).  Since then I have hidden 82 Traditional boxes for others to find.  Let me say that it has taken me awhile to learn good places and practices for hiding them because I have had mixed results. 359 more words


Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt

This is not a letterbox with a stamp.  This is an actual treasure.  Now this is a box worth finding.

I read about this on another blog and went out and googled it and found this. 27 more words


Letterboxing in Carrollton, TX

We were in Carrollton to do a volksmarching event so we looked for one letterbox while we where there.

We looked for this box Little Box on the Prairie. 82 more words


Letterboxing in Copperas Cove, TX

The volksmarching event this weekend was in Corpus Christi, too far to go unless I took Friday off.  Since I’m saving my vacation days to collect new counties here in Texas… 229 more words