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Letters in the rain

There is an extremely poignant scene in the film Casablanca, in which Bogart is waiting for his lover to join him on the train out of Paris. 286 more words

Off the Hook: An Open Letter to the Boy who led Me on

*This letter is dedicated to any person who has ever been led on by someone you thought you knew, someone you loved.

Let me start with a little back story, this letter is about a boy I once loved, with everything I had. 665 more words

Break Up


There’s no bars, no walls around me
Yet I can not move, I seem to struggle…
There’s no plastic bag, wrapped around my head
Yet, I really struggle to breath, I seem to be paralised… 173 more words

Day 28 letter challenge

Someone that changed your life.

Dear life after residing here in the UK.

It was April, 2007 when I first came here in the UK. 234 more words


Eis Phaos

I feel the wrath of an angel who couldn’t fly,

She blamed it on the devil who made her cry

And turn against the hand that gave her wings, 152 more words


The Merry Hangedman

It amazes me that it took until the last minute of my life (once lived and defined by sorrows and strife) while I stand by the gallows (at least not by a knife) to realize my merits, and that my spirit (eroded by pain) was yet still gleaming and my heart beaming, 136 more words


Dear Texas Board of Education

Dear Texas Board of Education,

Seriously? 150 years after the Civil War, you’re pulling this crap? Why are you trying to tell your students that the Civil War was about “sectionalism, states’ rights and slavery”, in that order? 135 more words

Common Sense