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Another redditgifts Exhange - Pens and Stationery

The Pen and Stationery exchange is one of my favorite on redditgifts due to my obsession with pens and stationery. This exchange allows me to get pens/stationery I would not normally find locally. 357 more words


A Case for Letter Writing

Excerpt from an old essay of mine, “To Mail or To E-Mail?”

Should people still write letters? Reflecting on the very idea evokes such thoughts as “snail mail,” “antiquity,” perhaps even “Jane Austen.”  These days many people brand letter writing as an ancient skill that has died out. 623 more words


Who loves letters?

Does anyone still love writing, sending and receiving letters in the mail?

Does anyone have a pen pal?

Does anyone have a letter that means a lot to them? 84 more words


I'd Write You a Handwritten Letter

This TED talk got me thinking. Do people really miss the personal touch that a letter has, that a long wound email could never replicate? And the impulsive me has decided to give this a go. 108 more words


February 26 - A Letter; Version 6

Dear X,

I have loved you from the very moment I laid eyes on you.

The purity of your soul; your delicacy – you needed nurturing, I know.   74 more words

THL Snail Mail/Letter Writing Campaign

So a few weeks ago I’d posted a pen pal/letter writing suggestion, and some of you signed up right away! I only ever wrote one letter – to Akanksha, who hasn’t received hers yet. 428 more words


February 25 - A Letter; Version 5

Dear X,

I don’t even know if you remember this incident, but I wanted to apologise; it was your secret to tell, I shouldn’t have said anything. 74 more words