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Episode 12- House Flippers

Last time, Dave won HOH and nominated Cam and London… can they flip the house in their favor with the veto?? Let’s find out!

Dave: Lalalalala, what a lovely day :) 580 more words

Big Brother

Episode 11- Power Duo

Previously on Sims Big Brother: After Leah was evicted, her best friend Emily won HOH and put up former HOH Zach and house target Queenie. After Scott chose not to use the veto, Queenie was evicted after Emily broke the tie, becoming the first jury member. 330 more words

Big Brother

Let's Play Metroid Fusion (Part 11)

Chris tackles the scary SA-X in a playthrough of a leading contender for best game in the series: Metroid Fusion! He’ll be going through the game in an attempt to stop the X parasites and save the poor scientists who are stranded on the station — or just some familiar animals instead. 26 more words

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Nugua and Toby Play Skyblock! Part 2

Watch Nugua and Toby Play Skyblock!! We work on our skyblock a bit, get a little housy hole, and Toby nearly dies like 20 times. Tons of fun, check it out ;)


Gomer Plays REDUX Mega Man 4 (Part 5: BONED!)

Skull Man’s up next, whose stage presents an opportunity for TWO E-Tanks! Score!

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Sorry, y’all. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on the blog. I’ve had a major life changing event┬áthat really pulled me away from my normal routine. 57 more words

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Let's Play: Broken Age Act Two

Way back last year, I Let’s Played the first act of Broken Age. Now Act Two has been released, and I’m here to finish the job. 82 more words