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I Want to Flourish!

I saw the sun today.  Once the fog burned off.

Let me say this before I start whining: I live in central North Carolina, not Boston or Minneapolis. 308 more words

No wonder most of us are feeling the way we are, these days!! Here’s the update on energies from the stables (literally!)

Personally, I’ve been in a lull since many days and have been facing the resurfacing of issues that I thought I was over with. 627 more words

Jack The Watcher


I have had a taste of glory
of true happiness and balance
inner harmony
A taste of who I can be.

A darkness, a sadness so familiar… 123 more words



Remember when the shuffling of your slippers drove you mad?

The route of your day pulsed like ley lines

on the linoleum, scars that no-one else could see.


Motivation to Exercise

No Energy to Exercise

It is so ironic that the more you exercise, the more energy you will have; however, I cannot manage to get energized or motivated to even begin to exercise. 649 more words



Seizing hold of the impotent thunderbolt of your boundless lethargy, hurl it from the heights of your consciousness of nothingness toward the trembling heart of the productive world, animated by a vain resolve to paralyze the will of man as, unarrestable, it races toward profit’s mirage.

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Read This To See About Low T (Testosterone)

Low testosterone affects millions of American men. Men who suffer from low testosterone have decreased libido, decrease in erections, and lethargy or loss of energy. In this blog I will discuss the importance of testosterone and the treatment options for the diagnosis of low T. 463 more words

Erectile Dysfunction