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Could've Been My Love

Today I have a gig. Yeah, I made the necessary preparations; I got the songs ready, I know what I’m doing, I haven’t ate anything in 18 hours and I got…sleep, if you can call it that. 257 more words


Here is the plan - a challenge

Continuing from the last post. I have decided to make effort to do something about the things I want to achieve. Call them short term goals. 240 more words

My Thoughts

I still feel guilty for even thinking...

There are so many things that I don’t feel like I have a right to think or feel. I’m afraid that these thoughts and feelings will mean that I’m ungrateful, spoiled, unaware of just how good I have it. 217 more words


Time to get back on track

It has been a while, yes, and I’ve been thinking. Why am I feeling what I am feeling? Why am I so lethargic? Why have I stopped running and working out? 655 more words

My Thoughts

Dangerous mindsets

Preppers prepare. That’s what they do.
Looking at disaster scenario’s planning, training, and provisioning, for the inevitable storm that everyone knows is coming.

Only what happens when the last shelf is full, the barrels topped off, guns and ammo quietly stacked and waiting? 332 more words


Why I Haven't Written in a While

Dearest most darling,

I apologize for not having written anything in over a month. I was busy during the day and then lethargic at night and then lethargic all the time. 375 more words


Behind...the day

Behind… the day

Wake up, don’t stay a-slumber, come down to Earth

Unconscious of the daylight hours–comatose

grizzly in the den, shake the lethargy and a-wake-n… 58 more words