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Upward Falling

My mind can’t seem to line up with my heart.

Looking at this season with my mind’s eye, I see good things. I see good details falling into good places, bad school work winding down for good, and the end of a good era approaching. 838 more words


Valuable Lessons I've Learned From My Dogs

Hello there, everyone! If you’re new to reading my posts, WELCOME! I’m so excited for you to be here. I just have a feeling we’re going to be good friends. 597 more words


Run 1st half marathon - CHECK

I did it! And it was awesome!

I finished my first half marathon with a time of 2:26:31. It was a gorgeous day and I felt great the entire run! 294 more words

Advice & Lessons Learned

Recently I was asked to share the best advice I’ve received and lessons learned through seven decades of living. I expect to add to this list in years to come. 197 more words

A Shout Out to the Man in My Life.

Husband. Father. Best Friend.

We met in 2007 when I was the ripe age of 18. Since then, my life has never been the same. It sounds cheesy, but there was something about him I couldn’t shake {and trust me, I tried!}. 607 more words

Just Because

Sticks and Stones

We are told as kids that words can’t hurt you, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Words do hurt.  I have grown so much in the last year in regards to love and relationships, but hear me when I say that I still have a ways to go.   79 more words


Memorial Day, 2015

I’m a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. I chose to join the Coast Guard because I knew I’d have little chance of being stationed overseas. 232 more words

Lessons Learned