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Don’t wait for my return.
You’ve changed your path,
I’ve changed my destination.



Bigger heart

How do I be the person with the bigger heart, when I’m not entirely perfect too?

I want to be nice to everyone. I tried to be chill when people does things which irritate me. 264 more words

Everyone will be with you in your good days,
But the one who stays with you in your bad days are the one you should never let go.



"Why we keep falling"

Throughout my life I have failed many tests and other mental battles. I have realized now that failure, isn’t suppose to make you quit, It justifies to set you up for a comeback! 102 more words

Fitness Page

The integrity of failure

“Success is not built on success.  It is built on failure.  It’s built on frustration.  Sometimes, it’s built on catastrophe.” ~Sumner Redstone

You’ve heard about the post-it notes that were invented because 3-M engineers created a glue that “wasn’t sticky enough”?  183 more words


Reflections: My First Lesson

I’ve had many things happen in my life, some major events, some minor. Each has played a part in moulding me into who I am today, and events that are yet to occur will continue to grow me throughout life. 368 more words

Young Mum

“Pardon me, but you’re too old to be wearing that eye shadow…”

And that was the deciding factor on my first trip to a hair academy. I was told that the more vibrant, colorful, shimmer and glitter-like eye shadows are for the younger generation and it looks too juvenile on me and inappropriate for a woman of thirty-something. 2,191 more words