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Just Do It, Swoosh!

My friend, Mr. Andrews, showed me a poem last week that were very enticing and moving to the heart. Now I would like to share the poem that I believe to be a beautiful art. 281 more words


Paint with me! Cherry Blossoms!

Hi friends! I have lost track of my weekend! No blog post yesterday so I intended to get this post up this morning so you would have time to paint with me before the weekend was over but alas time got away. 212 more words


How to photograph a lamppost

Evening. I am out on my walk. Bright sunlight. After a while I realise that the nature of the light has changed, has become filtered, surreal, like as if God had turned on the special-effects button. 477 more words


Lesson for the day..

God’s voice has many outlets. I hear him in a worship song that pulls my heart strings. I hear him in a child’s sweet voice. I hear him in scriptures that open my eyes. 218 more words

Feeling Stuck..........

Have you ever felt stuck? Of course you have, our world is designed that way….

Anything you want in life will restrain you from getting something else, in economics, it is called a trade off. 228 more words



Don’t ever claim that your dom is too slow or getting old when coming to the end of sex as this is apparently unacceptable behaviour, even if said in a joking manner, that leads to a seriously painful lesson to prove he is neither old nor slow haha

Technique Talk: Hammer On & Pull Off

Here are some tips for getting better at the Hammer On & Pull Off techniques for those of you learning how to play the guitar. 7 more words