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Have fun with a lesson plan :)

When I was a student, my professors emphasised the importance of making lesson plans, but then they referred to people who were about to start teaching. 474 more words


Lesson Plan for Social Sciences

This is what I got from my Social Science Specialist in 2014. You only need to complete the template and your done.

GEOGRAPHY TERM 2 GRADE 6… 51 more words

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

What should I write? It is taking forever! These statements a newcomer will either say or think it. Remember breath and know you are not alone. 79 more words

Grade 7

"First writing" tips

Writing can be one of the most tiresome endeavours of a student – can you recall your own papers, compositions, etc? Surely, not the funniest part of learning :) My language teachers assumed I was able to write a nice story, so they never bothered to teach me how to write. 381 more words



It is not going to be a revolutionary blog post. Just a memory of a Friday morning, first lesson, a grey day in January, sleepy students, need for motivation, etc. 123 more words

Lesson Plan

Science Lesson Plan: From Farm to Table

Grade: 1st

Interest building activity:

Start off by asking students what their favorite food is. Ask them if they know how we get that type of food. 420 more words

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Lesson Plan: Sequencing of Events

Grade: 2nd

Interest building activity

Hand out a worksheet divided into 8 boxes. Ask students to name some things they do in their day. Then write the phrases they come up with on the board, along with any of the following if they have not come up with them (make sure you write the activities out of order): 351 more words

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