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Why Leslie Knope is my Karate Idol

A lot of people have favorite karateka: Chuck Norris, Lyoto Machida, Rex Kwon Do.

But I propose a different person to look up to.  Someone not exactly known for her martial arts prowess.   516 more words


Motivational Monday

Words of wisdom by Ms. Leslie Knope to start your week:

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for everyone’s hero, Leslie Knope.


I love you and I like you, Parks and Recreation

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you didn’t like? You never imagined being with this person, but he worked his way to your heart. 412 more words

TV Geek

If Hamden High Teachers Were Parks and Rec Characters

By Isabella Baldoni

To honor the final season of  everyone’s favorite (!!!) show, Parks and Recreation, we’ve gone around and matched all our favorite teachers with all of our favorite characters! 179 more words

Arts And Entertainment

The Optimism and Kindness of "Parks & Recreation"

Like many other TV fans, I was very saddened by the end of NBC’s Parks & Recreation last month. It felt in some ways like the end of an era; many considered  452 more words

Amy Poehler

Film Adaptation Review: Revolutionary Road (2008)

Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates’ 1961 novel, was adapted in 2008 for the screen in possibly one of the best and most faithful page-to-screen adaptations I have ever seen. 492 more words

Writing Center

Feminism and Television

I was hanging out with some girlfriends over the weekend, and we were doing what normal girlfriends do- drink wine and watch Sex in the City. 751 more words