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Farewell to the Women of Pawnee

Last Tuesday, the final episode of Parks and Recreation aired. All through college, I had numerous friends telling me I should be watching this show, but it wasn’t until this fall when I found myself living in a house where I was the only person who… 945 more words


Farewell, Parks and Recreation: I Love You and I Like You

A week ago, Parks and Recreation aired the final episode of its seven season run. I knew that goodbyes are hard, especially for shows I care about this much and have been in my life for so long, but I’ve been surprised by how deeply I felt the sense of loss after the finale aired. 862 more words

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TV Review: Parks and Recreation

When I first watched this show, it was quite underwhelming and awkward. When it got to the second season, it found its groove for viewers to enjoy while also having the cast and the writers enjoy the work they made as well. 226 more words

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It's Shitty to Say Farewell

It’s nearly impossible to get a television show on the air. Don’t worry, though, if you can make it happen, it only takes the herculean feat of building a loyal viewer base to keep it there.   636 more words

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Pick(s) of the Week: Agent Carter & Parks and Recreation

I’ll be honest, I had no idea which of these should be my pick this week. Agent Carter is my favorite new show in a long time, and its season finale (I refuse to believe it could be the series) was a tense, emotional hour, both well-written and well-acted. 561 more words

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ICYMI: I Want To Cry More So I'm Rehydrating

Well folks, it’s over. Our friends in Pawnee are off living their lives without the cameras and us to follow their every move. But it’s okay, because we know they’re okay, even in the future. 1,669 more words

A Fond Farewell to Parks and Recreation

Unless you live under a rock, or hate comedy and joy, I’m sure you’ve heard that Parks and Recreation ended their 7 season run this week. 249 more words