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Small lights have a way of being seen in a dark world

October 22nd 2013

Even though I find it easier to talk to a counsellor openly, I still feel really uncomfortable talking about my sexuality properly. So in counselling today Charlie had me write down my feelings on post it notes, instead of just making me talk about my feelings. 205 more words


My first other time

Now, I would consider myself quite experienced in the bedroom. As I reveal more of my stories, perhaps you would agree.

However there was one thing I never fully tried. 611 more words


Religion, Marriage, Respect and Hypocrites !!

We finally thawed out here in my part of Texas, although it is only short term or so I hear…who the hell knows lol. Things just shut down when we get iced over, so yeah I admit we are winter wimps…the interstate shuts down and we sit at home and watch the weather channel like it is going to make a difference… 437 more words

Straight People Guess What 8 Gay Phrases Mean - With Hilarious Results

So we all know that pockets of society love their lingo, and the Gay community are no different. When I first entered Gay-Land I had no idea what a Pillow Princess was, or why people kept telling me I couldn’t be a Gold Star. 618 more words


10 Lies Porn Tells About Lesbian Sex

For those of you out there who have dipped into the disturbingly dire world of girl-on-girl porn available, I’m sure you’ve noticed… We’re not well represented. 1,132 more words


7 Phrases That Have A Totally Different Meaning For Gay People

There are many a buzzword out there. We love them, these little words and phrases. Like whispering a secret, it can make you feel like you fit in, and it’s no different in Gay Land. 1,498 more words


3 Ways To Come Out At work - For The Newly Employed Lesbian

We’ve all been there. You’re starting a new job, and whether you’re obviously gay and it’s easy to spot or you’re more Lipstick, it’s time for you to come out all over again. 790 more words