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Mood Music 

I find that the best way to start my day is by cultivating my own musical soundtrack. It typically consists of whatever stimulates my ears and mind at the moment and that creates the tempo I want for the day. 53 more words


✒Writing and Self Reflection

I was doing some self reflection on my past as a writer when I had strung along words, many, many words making elaborate sentences come together because I thought I was delivering wisdom or some secret knowledge. 125 more words

Exposed Loving


By- Traci Taylor
December 2014

Even when the sun is shining,
rain clouds find a way to darken the sky.

The abundance of sadness crashes rapidly down, 49 more words


When Ladies Turned Into Women Then Back Again

When I was a teenager, my mother kept a copy of Marilyn French’s The Women’s Room on her bedside table. Over the years, I read parts of it though I retain no clear memories of what I read. 377 more words

Lesbian Feminism

'Just Know That I Am a Person' -- Three New Books on Transgender Issues


by Janet Mason — first published in The Huffington Post

Rigid gender roles are irritating to many of us, damaging to society at large (whether people know it or not), and absolutely toxic to gender nonconforming children and their families. 874 more words


When Did Gay Pride Month Turn Into Walk & Bike Month?

I work in the field of sustainable transportation, so I’ve known since January the date of this year’s Bike-to-Work Day (June 25.) June is my busiest month at work, since it is Walk & Bike Month here in Boulder. 256 more words

Lesbian Feminism

Coming out

When I was just four, one of the littlest pupils of Miss Perry’s dancing school in South Norwood, I took part in a show. I was supposed to be a chick, dressed in a yellow satin costume with a cute little peaked cap (I still have the photo). 1,537 more words