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Journeys back in time

Taking a break from digging, my partner joined me for a weekend in a country house hotel where we indulged in a glass of champagne to celebrate the publication of my second novel, Arc Over Time. 294 more words

FOREVER AND A KNIGHT on AfterEllen and in She Magazine!

Natalie and I have been working non-stop on our house renovation because we’re trying to get it to market in the next two weeks. It’s been such a long, hard road getting here, but we’re so close! 187 more words

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL is released today (and available everywhere!)

I am thrilled to announce that my latest novel, The Guardian Angel is out today!

I loved this book so much, but what makes it even more special to me is the fact that… 383 more words

The story behind the 45th Parallel

By Lisa Girolami

My mother was born in Unalaska during the WWII, ending up in Oregon after her father, a physician and officer in the Navy, finished his service to our country. 1,179 more words

Bold Strokes Books

Angels and Vampires!

I’m super focused on The Guardian Angel, my next novel, because I’m going to be finishing final edits tonight (SO! EXCITING!) which means it should be released tomorrow! 148 more words

Prayer of the Handmaiden: A five-star fantasy where love conquers all!

So Here’s the Deal…

Erinda is born a servant girl whose family has served the royal House of Rane in Ithyria for generations. She has never rebelled against her life. 1,256 more words

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