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Starting From Scratch - Georgia Beers

This is another lesbian themed book I read for the purpose of it being lesbian themed. And to be honest, I wasn’t turning each page in anticipation of what was going to happen. 138 more words

Go For It

Keeping You A Secret - Julie Anne Peters


Just finished reading this book – seriously, I started and finished it in about 1 day!

Keeping You A Secret was so different than I expected. 655 more words


Captured - Chapter 13: That Different Point Of View

That different point of view

Their little girl

They were pacing up and down for about twenty minutes before one of them actually dared to say what was on their minds: something was wrong. 4,462 more words


AA-meetings - Chapter 3: At Sixteen

At sixteen


It are the same old lockers in the girl’s dressing room where they are recovering from an intense workout. Alex finds herself staring at her best friend. 6,448 more words


Captured - Chapter 4: John


Days became nights. They then turned into weeks. Slowly, I lost track of time. John had taken away my watch after a couple of days. 3,698 more words


Captured - Chapter 3: My New Life

My new life

Lauren came to bring me food later that night. And a bucket to pee in, which didn’t bother me as much as I thought. 3,533 more words


Captured - Chapter 1: Just Another Normal Day

Just another normal day

A day couldn’t have been more predictable: school was dull, practice was hard, my best friend is late.

“Will you hurry up! 2,877 more words