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I Missed The Boat

At 54 years I tried returning to school-hood haunts. That proved pointless. Myriad random quotable quotes. Nobody remembers, or cares, that “Leopold Bloom ate with relish…” Too many ad men these days. 684 more words


Digital Scholarly Editing Blog Post #1: Notes on marking up an excerpt of James Joyce’s ‘Wandering Rocks,’ in TEI

The following is a blog post intended to provide a context and rationale for the marking up of Leopold Bloom’s section of ‘Wandering Rocks,’ the tenth section of the tenth episode of the novel… 1,573 more words

James Joyce

Barney Kiernan's Pub

“Joyce’s purpose in life was to glorify the Dublin of pubs and poverty, not to further a shining national image. He was a Dubliner as Bloom and Earwicker are Dubliners, and both Bloom and E… 524 more words

"James Joyce"

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

“Glorious and immaculate virgin. Joseph, her spouse. Peter and Paul. More interesting if you understood what it was all about,” Leopold Bloom is thinking in chapter 5 of Ulysses, Lotus Eaters. 187 more words

Silenced . BY ULYSSES!!!

“Thousands” of regular readers must have wondered at my long silence.  Neither Irish Water nor IMMA nor  opinion polls, nor the horrors of SF cover ups of abuse  roused me from my silence. 872 more words

Into the lists...

The magazine that accompanied Saturday’s edition of The Times was full of lists.  Each of the regular journalists contributed an article based on them, presumably to show solidarity with a population that is currently either toiling away at compiling Christmas lists or trudging through the streets to fulfil them as December sets in and we realise – indeed are perpetually being reminded by the media – that there are only x shopping days left.  950 more words


In Bed With Molly.....

Ulysses, for me, is a man’s book. It is a novel about being a man, by someone who focussed his attention on that issue, because, being a him, it was central to his understanding of himself. 595 more words