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"Lost" Leonardo Uncovered in Milan

With the news from Milan that one of Leonardo’s “lost” frescos has been uncovered (a grove of mulberry trees in the Sforza Castle. For the full story, go… 102 more words


Leonardo Kirk

Line: Star Trek Ninja Turtles

Series: 1

Scale: 5 inch

Height: 5 inches

Comments: none

Star Trek

Robots in the Home

Robots are being developed for all sorts of useful reasons, but one of the most interesting are the robots being developed for reasons of companionship. Appealing and entertaining, robots like these could have all sorts of benefits. 177 more words


Under the Moonlight

Two people walked on the deck of the ship, the moonlight casting an eerie but beautiful glow on them both. Rose looked across to Jack walking beside her, his hair caught in the breeze, his smile wide and his brown eyes looking up cheekily as he laughed at the story he just told. 1,869 more words



A portrait created around 1510 of one of the greatest intellectuals and creative geniuses of the past, present and future: Leonardo da Vinci.

Red chalk on paper by Francesco Melzi.

Q. When Leonardo Da Vinci was thrown in prison, why didn’t Mona Lisa visit him?

A. Because she is a captive-hating woman.

Romeo And Juliet (1996) (Movie)

Okay so I didn’t really understand everything that they were saying but I was able to get the gist of it. I watched this movie in my english class and I would have just started playing on my phone, like any normal highschool student, but then I saw Leonardo DiCaprio in the first scene, the picture above, and I was like “Yup! 117 more words

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