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Times are hard when times are different 

Leo and I had a trip to a lovely lady this morning called Sharon in Bramhall who I had arranged to take a picture of Leo for me for his first passport. 1,134 more words

Loss Of Millie

[INTERVIEW] VIXX promises a special show for Starlights at their UTOPIA concert in Singapore!

With less than ten days to VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore, it seems like the members are all geared up and ready to bring it on and showcase their hit songs and dance at their second solo concert as they sat down for a quick interview after a packed day of schedule. 556 more words


Can You See The Lion?

Over the past 6 months I have shown a lot of people my ‘postcards from heaven’ and enjoy seeing their reactions. I explain who the artists are and why I think the pictures are working together. 600 more words


Anna's Clouds

This story really belongs to my sister Anna. I’ve also popped a photo of her with Jesse as the feature image just because I think they are both gorgeous. 366 more words


The Sun as the king of the chart

The Sun is naturally associated with the sign Leo.  Leo is the lion, the king of the jungle.  Our Sun in our chart is the king of our own jungle (our psyche- which can be very jungle-like!) 494 more words


The Irony of National Police Week and "prepping"

So there I was at work, just got in and was early enough that no one else was around (5/13- Weds). Perfect time to check my email from overnight to see if I had missed anything. 2,327 more words

Opinion & Observation

Time flies......

They say time flies when you’re having fun, well I’ve also discovered it also flies when you have children.

Thinking back to just over two years ago and the anxious wait to become parents for the first time and how different our lives where,  being able to go out on a whim without having to think about the stuff you do with kids (like packing for every eventuality), actually being able to eat your dinner without a child asking for your carrots or peas etc, not that I ever say no when Oliver wants extra veg (always a good thing). 413 more words