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Shutting up...

Okay, so this title’s a bit harsh, but the statement rings true when everyone’s chiming in on what they want you to do, instead of letting you listen for that guiding voice that will tell you where you… 314 more words


Cheap photographer...It is not all about $$$$

I will open up by saying that I am no expert photographer, especially when it comes to Portraits! I am just a beginner.

But sometimes being a beginner and lacking proper instruments gives you more ideas. 581 more words


Cute Children

Children make for one of the most adorable choices to be photographed. Though this kind of captures are challenging, the spontaneity they offer makes photography enjoyable and fun.The simple, earnest and the relaxed atmosphere produce amusing poses worth treasuring. 144 more words


How to take pictures with available light

Well there is something true about the following story. There is a men who searches for many hours down a street light his keys. The unlit street side he avoids even the chance to find his keys over the dark road would be bigger. 378 more words


White eyed Princess

My  followers  may   have   an   opinion   that   I   am  only   interested  in  butterflies  although  I  call   myself  a  Nature  Lover.So  my  followers  I  apologize   if   you   are  bored  of   butterflies. 158 more words