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When a man becomes a man: carrying beer in a bag

There’s no singular device to transport any type of liquid, so long as they’re in a container, from Point A to Point B, dependent on logistics. 262 more words


Inside the Obsessive World of Artisanal Cocktail Ice | CHRISTOPHER JONES 05.23.15. 6:25 AM

When Frederic Tudor, aka the “Ice King”, started his worldwide ice delivery service in the early 19th century—sailing massive blocks of as far as Europe and India—he probably didn’t realize he was launching an American obsession. 680 more words


It's Disney Betch!

             This memorial day weekend I went to Disney World and it was just awesome, DUH. I stayed at the Port Orleans Resort “French Quarters”. Back in 2000 I stayed there and I can say that from what I remember they definitely stepped their game up! 1,210 more words


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Fishing in the Creek

The sun peeked through the canopy of leaves as we lined the creek hidden in the woods. Within minutes, Rick caught a fish. It danced and flapped on the line, and as he held it up the sun made its scales sparkle. 269 more words

Winning MLB ATS Betting Predictions: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets.

Written and authored by Major League Baseball Expert Analyst Charlie McDougall. Charliessports.com produces it for Baseball news and notes. The teams will play on Tuesday May 26th, 2015. 656 more words