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A long day in the saddle - Day 2

I really don’t know why I’m still awake but I feeling that pressure to post my day two blog/photo post.  I started my morning in West Palm Beach and ended my day in Cabos San Lucas.   23 more words


Blogging 101 / Photography 101 - Day 1

To help jumpstart my blogging I’ve registered to participate this month in WordPress’s March Blogging 101 & Photography 101 exercises. I’m counting on getting support from others that will help me stay motivated this month to spend more time writing and photographing. 288 more words


Is this place really "Open"?

Been kinda feeling like a few of the characters that are drawn on this window of our favorite pet store. We stopped by the other day to buy more food for our pooch. 146 more words


Good Learning of the Day

There are a lot of noises out there about Leica M-9/ M-E’s sloppy high ISO performance (somewhat true) where it is said to be usable up to ISO800 and beyond that is designated as “no man’s land” where people try not to crank their ISO into the 1000-2500 zone (myself included). 238 more words

Leica M-E

The Yellow Umbrella Movement

I didn’t particularly enjoyed my trip to Hong Kong but I was pretty surprised to find the umbrella movement was going on and going strong. 195 more words


A Week in Savannah

I’ve been here in Savannah for my semi-annual recurrent training and haven’t been out shooting enough this week do to my schedule.  However, I did manage to get in a couple hour walk the other day.   130 more words